(3-pack) Mud Detox Massage with HydroTherapy Bath and Cold Shower Therapy Package of 3


( Package of 3 )

This therapy takes our hydrotherapy to a whole new level. Our massage therapist starts the treatment with a 30 minute massage. As you relax in a state of peace, the therapist applies our hand-crafted coconut whip detoxification mud pack to your body. This therapeutic experience of application and drying before you begin stage 2 of the therapy.

Plunge into an infusion of authentic ocean water, crystal-light infused essential oils, oxygenated ozone, and grounded earthen clay, while melting into the hydro-thermal geyser massage! Soak, calm, harmonize, and sip organic wine while you bask in the sensations of essential oils and full-spectrum light therapy. Experience chromotherapy penetrating into your thirsty skin!

*This detox bath provides six colors of underwater light therapy calibrated at different frequencies for stimulating and soothing therapeutic purposes.

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