CranioSacral Therapy | 60 mins

( Single Session / 60 mins )

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CrainoSacral Therapy is a light-touch, non-invasive therapy. The amount of pressure used is that of the weight of a nickel Even with such delicate pressure, intrinsic structures and restrictions in the body receive treatment.     

People tend to cover and mask aches and pains, and, eventually, this can lead to debilitating conditions. Muscles, tendons, ligaments, and cells are limited in the amount of stress they can absorb. Over time it can impact the nervous system, spinal cord, and brain, which constitutes a serious situation.  There is great benefit in dealing with these “strain patterns,”  as they are called.

CranioSacral can address:

Headaches/Migraines  •  Stress  •  Neck/Back pain  •  Spinal cord injuries  •  TMJ symptoms  •  Fibromyalgia  •  ADD/ADHD  •  PTSD  •  Scoliosis  •  Post-concussion symptoms  •  Central nervous system  •  Fatigue  •  Learning disabilities

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