New Patient Education Night (A prerequisite for new patients)

(We value our new patients and applaud the health journey you are on! Equipping you with the knowledge and tools you need — as you take on the adventure for vitality, harmony, and health — is our goal. New Patient Orientation is designed to answer your questions, to fill your health-quest toolbox, and to assist you in developing a support system with your friends and family members. Steep discounts for purchases will be offered to you and to any guest you bring. Invite others, come armed with questions, and join in on an evening of education and fun.)

Monday, February 3rd 6:00 pm Register


Wednesday, February 25th 6:00 pm Register


The Power of Earth: Orgonites and Health - Steve Frazier

Do you have a curiosity about crystals, EMF's, smog pollution, etc.? Find out how to keep your family safe amid an abundance of environmental hazards.

Wednesday, February 5th 6:00 pm Register