Beginning Mindfulness Meditation
Course Description:
Explore the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits of a regular meditation practice. If you are curious about meditation, this 4-session, 1-hour class is for you!   

Each class includes instruction, Q & A, feedback, and short beginner-friendly practices. Basic “how-to” information and a different type or aspect of mindfulness or meditation will be shared each week. The goal is to explore  mindfulness and meditation in a low pressure environment.

Mondays June 17th, 24th, July 1st and 8th at 5:30 p.m.

Toxic Thought Detox

Wednesday, July 24, 6pm

Is it possible that the renewing of the mind contributes to the renewing of the physical body? The answer is absolutely! Toxic patterns of thinking can consume our time, day and night. Biblical wisdom from Romans 12:2 instructs us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. 

If you are stuck with a toxic mindset despite attempts to change, 

or if you feel balanced and healthy, 

this information will be supportive and enlightening 

to folks on both sides of the coin! 

We will discuss brain activity when toxic thought patterns run rampant.  Positive thoughts of appreciation and thankfulness, likewise, have an effect. Science is catching up with Scripture. Dr. Caroline Leaf’s 21 Day Brain Detox Program is a method of releasing toxic thoughts, replacing them with comforting statements of truth. 

We invite you to join us for this FREE presentation.  

Please click the link to register:

Accelerated Weight Loss Information Meetings:
July 17 and July 31 (Class runs from August 4- October 2)

This isn’t just a class to lose Weight, this class is a path that leads to vibrant HEALTH~ physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

Are you done seeking quick results that don’t last. Are you ready for lifelong vitality and energy?

Let us guide you on your health journey. RESULTS SPEAK!

Our class meets every Wednesday. Virtual class available as well. 

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