Owner, Clinical Nutritionist

Ashley Meyer, ACT Certified Designed Clinical Nutritionist and Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner, is the managing owner of ORGANIQUE in Tomahawk, Wisconsin, a clinic and spa devoted to alternative and holistic health. After graduation from university, Ashley worked in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. She transferred to Advanced Health and Educating Wellness Clinics in Rhinelander, WI, in 2009. Her zeal for results-driven natural healing inspired her to open her own clinic in Wausau, WI, in 2013 and another in Hazelhurst, WI, in 2015. The next phase in clinic development was a large expansion: the addition of a spa and cafe, as well as an organic coffee and nutrition bar company, resulting in the opening of ORGANIQUE as a destination retreat venue in Tomahawk, WI.

Ms. Meyer, B.S., graduated summa cum laude from UW-Stout in 2005. She later took the Advanced Clinical Training at UNS in Clearwater, Florida, where she received certification in Designed Clinical Nutrition and Nutrition Response Testing. She is one of only a few hundred in the country noted for the highest level of competency and expertise within the field and was inducted into the prestigious Hall of Fame for the most successful graduates. Over the next ten years, Ashley continued to expand her education in the field of Applied Kinesiology in applications of environmental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Ashley thrives on challenging cases and enjoys working with those who have lost hope. Her passion for infertility is paramount, and the success testimonials with these patients are some of the most meaningful to her. Other special areas of focus include autism, cancer, auto-immune and hormone-related conditions. Regardless of the case, her unique "niche" is in uncovering the missing link to the body's ability to heal. Her most ardent ongoing education and research efforts are within the field of Environmental Medicine.

Filling her life to the brim are her little boy and her husband, Steve, a PA of Internal Medicine with Ascension Medical Group, WI. Ashley and Steve often join forces on cases, as they both emphatically agree on the key components that are involved in a successful health journey.

Other interests include her passion for truth, energetic and spiritual education, singing, songwriting, research, the woods, and the mountains.

Her mission is to inspire others to take control of their bodies so they realize their full health potential and the calling God has on their lives.

"There is immeasurable satisfaction in helping people write their own success stories. The human body is innately created to powerfully heal itself when it has the correct nutrition, supplementation, and spiritual grounding."





Amanda Anderson is new to the Northwoods. She grew up in California and never thought she would end up in Wisconsin. She came to this area specifically to be treated at ORGANIQUE due to severe health issues. Treatment there changed her life. Amanda feels that Ashley guided her journey in health and wellness, not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually, as well.

Amanda struggled with chronic illness for most of her life and feels it is incredible to be given so many tools that provide healing for body, soul, and spirit. She states that the protocols involved in treating a person holistically are not always easy to follow, but the remarkable healing and growth realized is transformational. It has given her a new outlook on life. She is now honored to be a part of the staff and surrounded by like-minded people. “There is a wealth of knowledge and empowerment found at ORGANIQUE that is rare these days.” Amanda feels it is a joy and privilege to see so many lives changed right before her eyes.



Emotional Health Coach

Jen Mattson joined the team at ORGANIQUE as Patient Advocate over three years ago, after serving her community as a passionate organic grocery store owner.

Jen's enthusiasm for NRT and Designed Clinical Nutrition began over seven years ago when she came to Ashley as a patient. Her "epiphany" response to understanding and embracing the treatment has driven her beyond the role of store owner to working closely now with what she believes in most — Nutrition Response Testing and the reality that true healthcare begins and ends with what we put in (and on!) our bodies. That includes thoughts and emotions.

Jen's firsthand experience with how emotions block the individual from living to the fullest potential in life has guided her into a desire to share this information with others. She believes that the holistic approach to health encompasses mind, body, and spirit and the mind-emotion connection. In fact, emotional health transformations are just short of miraculous!

We are blessed to have her onboard to ensure that our patients enjoy a positive, effective, and complete healing experience. We adore Jen around here, and we know you will too!


Meditation & Life Coach

Julie Trombley’s passion for wellness was sparked years ago when she was introduced to a multi-dimensional approach to health that placed emotional, environmental, social, and spiritual wellness on par with physical wellness. It grew into a burning flame seven years ago when her youngest child was born with digestive issues, which the traditional medical model largely ignored. Julie followed her mother’s intuition and began to devour available information on natural medicine, seeking root causes and true healing for her son. That quest eventually lead her to ORGANIQUE as a patient and to a much healthier way of life for herself and her family.

Julie has a B.S. in Education and a M.S. in Health and Human Development. She has studied education and group dynamics over the past 15 years as a health educator in a variety of settings. She has worked with students and clients of all ages. She is a gifted listener who whole heartedly believes that people begin to heal the moment they truly feel heard. She is a trained Reiki Practitioner, a Certified Intrinsic Coach, a certified Gottman Educator, and, most recently, completed a year-long course to become a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, which gave her thorough training in the use of Positive Psychology principles as tools for helping others make healthful lifestyle changes.

Julie has had a personal meditation practice for fourteen years and has been teaching mindfulness and meditation techniques for the last seven years. Her mission is to educate and inspire others to strive for a level of overall wellness that allows them to fulfill their life purpose. After all — no one can serve from an empty cup.


Director of Guest Services

Kelly Anunson is a truth-seeker; she believes in following her dreams, and desires to share her vibrant energy with everyone! She has a B. S. and M.S. in Education and worked in the educational field as a teacher and in student services for the last fifteen years. Her passion for health and her search to uncover the root cause of health issues began ten years ago. Kelly is a devoted homeschooling mother of four boisterous boys. She enjoys hiking, running, swimming, biking, skiing, and anything that takes her outdoors. Indoors she savors reading, cooking, and spending quiet moments with her husband.


I have been a patient of Ashley’s for over nine years, during which time I identified and solved health problems in our family that evaded three medical specialists. She held my hand through the loss of a baby due to toxic environmental conditions that I had no idea I was living in. She found things in our home that stumped professionals in HVAC, septic, and construction. Ashley has a gift; she is a healer; most of all she aspires to empower others to take back their health! I want to be a part of the team that brings healing and zest into the lives of people. This, my friends, is love! Who could ask to be a part of anything greater than that?


Office Assistant

Lyn has been a cornerstone piece at ORGANIQUE since the day the doors opened. Prior work experience was also in health and wellness venues. Her career at ORGANIQUE energizes her as she witnesses, firsthand, transformations in patients as they learn to listen to, and trust, their body’s amazing ability to heal when placed in a healing environment.

Behind the scenes, Lyn’s organizational skills are foundational to the clinic’s success. Loyal, hardworking, and big-hearted, she is always there to assist clients in their health journeys. She is also the person to seek out if a big hug is needed. She loves the Northwoods, being close to her family, and she feels blessed to have a job that brings new life, energy, and joy to others.


Massage Therapist

Naomi Volkmann is a LMT, a graduate of Massage and Bodyworks in Wausau, Wisconsin. She is currently continuing her education in CranioSacral with the Upledger Institute based in West Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

She treats those who seek relief from stress, muscle tension, aches and pains, or who simply need help to relax. She uses a variety of techniques and tools that allow her to meet the milestone wellness marks that her clients desire. She also offers CrainoSacral therapy — her passion — a light and non-invasive treatment, which helps to alleviate aches, pains, headaches, and TMJ, and relaxes the nervous system.

Naomi believes that both Massage and CrainoSacral are beneficial in our fast-paced world, which often prevents our bodies from self-correcting after trauma. Most rewarding for her are the smiles on clients’ faces when they realize an enhanced quality of life.

In her free time Naomi enjoys reading her Bible with a cup of coffee in hand, spending time with her family, her horses, and Ariat, her “side-kick” dog!

Get comfortable... outside your comfort zone!


Weight Loss Coordinator

Naomi’s career background is in the insurance-industry corporate world. Her health journey began with ORGANIQUE in 2014 when she embarked on the Weight-Loss Program. The success she achieved lit her fire and has set her on an ongoing quest to manage her food choices, setting health as her highest goal. With that has come the desire to teach others how to realize the benefits and the joy of conquering long-held food addictions and how to adopt choices that result in improved quality of life.

Naomi is DEDICATED to helping YOU reach your goals once and for all!


Director of Patient Management

Natalie Clark has a zest for living abundantly and encourages others to seek a healthy path for their life journey. She believes health is multidimensional and strives for quality of life by keeping abreast of the latest developments in the natural-health field. She possesses a B.S. in Business Administration, a M.S. in Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education, and has recently completed three certifications: Food, Nutrition, and Health; Holistic and Integrative Health; Nutrition, Chronic Disease, and Health Promotion.

She and her husband have four active children who thrive by living the ORGANIQUE way! She is an expert at managing her family’s health, is resourceful, and finds creative ways to make wholesome, health-giving choices attainable for all. She pursues an active lifestyle, promotes wellness, ongoing learning and growth, and welcomes new challenges. She is following her soul calling by joining the ORGANIQUE team.


Certified Patient Advocate Nurse, R.N.

Tiffini Schader has worked in the healthcare field for twenty-five years and became a Registered Nurse in 2012. She has always felt a calling to be a caregiver; her abilities to help heal have guided her decisions.

As she matured in her career, she realized that her heart was not in "traditional" medicine, and she began to lose her passion for nursing. Her own health was poor, and she was scared for her future. This uncertainty led her to ORGANIQUE. She not only gained her health back but became rejuvenated in her passion to help others in their health journeys. She will forever be grateful for the knowledge and continued support from ORGANIQUE and feels blessed to be a part of that amazing team. She has realized the healing that was intended for her, and she is eager to support others in their quest for healthier living and improved quality of life.