HydroTherapy Detox Bath & Shock Shower

( Single Session )

HYDROTHERAPY ( Detox Mud Ocean Bath with Thermal Geyser Massage ) - Dip into an infusion of authentic ocean-like water, crystal-light infused essential oils, oxygenated ozone, and grounded earthen clay, while melting into the hydro-thermal geyser massage! Soak, calm, harmonize, and sip organic wine while you relax in the calming sensations of essential oils and full-spectrum light therapy — six colors of underwater light calibrated at different frequencies for stimulating and soothing, therapeutic purposes. Your thirsty skin will welcome the drink of chromotherapy!

CRYOTHERAPY ( Cold Shock Shower ) ... Awaken optimal detox through stimulatory sense activation. Leverage the power of cold water to shock the lymphatic and circulatory systems into top performance with grounding free electrons. Excite your drainage pathways and filtration organs of liver, spleen, kidneys, and skin, providing efficient and powerful mental, emotional, and physical cleansing.

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