by Kelly Anunson

My decision to become a Reiki practitioner was a life-changing event in my health journey. Now it is an honor and a gift to be able to bring peace, joy, and wellness to others. Recently I read an article that cited the benefits of Reiki as used at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Mayo introduced this modality to assist in the treatment of cancer patients and cancer survivors. How refreshing to see Western medicine embracing and implementing healing via the energy system, the “on switch” of our biological body.

Reiki is simply a technique that helps the body balance itself. It is inevitable in our current culture that the human systems often become compromised or blocked. Stress, relationship difficulties, financial struggles, job dissatisfaction, toxins, and life challenges take a toll on emotional, spiritual, and physical health. We do not always realize the onset of disruption, but it causes diminished organ and tissue function. Finally, there is a non-ignorable physical manifestation that requires us to slow down and seek help.

Reiki practice can raise the body’s cellular vibrational level where chemical reactions from negative thoughts and feelings are lodged, allowing the harmful blocks to release and break apart. This balancing is advantageous in all physical and emotional situations.

Benefits of Reiki that science confirms:

  • Improved sleep quality
  • Relief from stress and anxiety
  • Accelerated healing in the body
  • Induced deep relaxation
  • Reduced chronic and acute pain
  • Eased grief and emotional pain
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Improved memory and enhanced creativity
  • Quieted and cleared mind
  • Balanced endocrine system
  • Accelerated detoxification processes
  • Supported the immune system
  • Increased vitality/retarding of the aging process • Heightened self-confidence and intuition
  • Relieving of depression and fear-based illnesses • Raised vibrational frequency
  • Enhanced spiritual and emotional growth
  • Overall sense of peace and calm

Each individual has a unique life experience, and Reiki affects different people in different ways. One session may result in physical benefits, while another session may address emotional issues. Reiki naturally goes to where it is needed most.