This 6-week program will RESET, REAWAKEN and RECONNECT you to your highest purpose.

Together we unravel the binds that limit us. We begin day one with a transformative practice and continue each week on the walk down the path to freedom.

Release fear, guilt, shame, conformity, old habits, limiting beliefs and awaken to the supreme consciousness in everything. Through awareness, we free ourselves from any sense of separateness, let go of all identities defined by the world and emerge as though diving into a vast, infinite ocean of all-encompassing love.

The path to self-realization is rooted in intense love. When we are no longer fragmented, and we come back to a state of wholeness, we unlock our dharma, our purpose. Then, we begin to expand and experience growth in ourselves, our relationships, our careers, our finances and our spiritual journey.

Live free, live whole, live joyfully.

This comprehensive approach is intuitively designed for the needs of each individual. Each aspect has been carefully crafted to incorporate intense life coaching with some of the best healing treatments, techniques and energetic approaches to move you forward.

If any of these statements resonate, then this program is for you:

  • You feel stuck in one or more area of your life: career, relationship, financial, health, spiritual
  • You live a repetitive, robotic lifestyle
  • You feel overwhelmed and disconnected
  • You are tired, stressed or anxious
  • You crave joy, health and harmony
  • You are ready to align and connect with your highest purpose
  • You are ready to shift into a new dimension of growth and unlimited potential

Consultations available beginning January 5th, 2022