Meditation is a practice of slowing down, connecting, and discovering how to live mindfully. For years, neuroscience research has shown the power of mindfulness to ease anxiety and stress, unveil our positive capacities, and bring balance into our lives.

Mindfulness empowers us to meet everyday situations wisely, to be fully present, and to respond with humility and compassion. 

Centering ourselves in a regular practice of meditation and mindful living can be both healing and liberating. Learning to meet the complexities of our world as well as our own changing mental states with loving awareness and courage allows us to find the spaciousness and clarity to respond to life instead of getting stuck in habitual reactions.

Kelly will help you create a simple yet powerful practice to quiet the mind and heal the heart. Through this practice of mindful living, you can foster positive states of being like generosity, patience, and kindness. Learning how to nurture and strengthen these qualities for yourself and others and expand into a divine connection steeped in love.