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ORGANIQUE's Health Recovery Program utilizes a blend of optimized clinical modalities to precisely scan your health on all levels (environmental, physical, mental & emotional). The process is similar to that of a GPS, where the information received offers the most accurate and efficient pathway towards recovering your health.

The following are often included with the Health Recovery Program:
Clean Environmental Testing
Nutrition Response Testing
Designed Clinical Nutrition
Emotional Healing Program
• and more

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WE ARE HERE FOR YOU ... No matter your physical location, we can effectively work with you in-person or at a distance.

PROVEN RESULTS ... ORGANIQUE founder, Ashley Meyer, is known for her drive to learn more, master with greater perfection, and seek the highest levels of Truth. Her finely honed skills of medical intuition and applied kinesiology (Reflex Response) have given her an incredible ability to crack even the most challenging health cases. Read Testimonials

EFFICIENCY ... Our clinical process, which is guided by the infinite knowledge and wisdom within your cellular and energetic makeup, is extremely accurate. By removing the filters and perceptions of the mind, the process allows the truth of the situation to be unveiled. Once the root cause is highlighted, the path to recovery becomes clear. You are now on the fast track to health; no scenic by-ways.

MIND, BODY, SPIRIT ... We have worked with 100's of clients and have seen time and again that health issues are often affected by environmental, mental, emotional and spiritual components. To only work on the physical, in many cases, limits the degree to which the health can be reclaimed. By working with all levels, ORGANIQUE has seen results increase exponentially.


REMOVE THE PROBLEM... Though all individuals are unique and their paths differ, in general, the ORGANIQUE Health Recovery Program begins by eliminating that which is causing stress, chaos, and/or deterioration to the body.

Ex: environmental toxins, food toxins, food allergens/sensitivities, meridian energetic disruptions, emotional blockages, mental thought patterns.

REBUILD THE SYSTEM ... The next important step is to rebuild the system through precise nutrition that is customized to fit exactly what your body is asking for. The nutrition is customized only for you, based on how your body tests.

CONSISTENT COMMITMENT ... The program requires consistent commitment, long enough for your body to make the adjustments needed to recover. For most individuals, improvement will be noticed within the first few weeks, and obvious after a couple of months.



Acne • Anxiety • Arthritis • Autism • Cancer • Candida • Chronic Fatigue • Crohn's Disease • Depression • Diabetes • Ebstein Barr Virus • Eczema • Fibromyalgia • GERD • Heart Challenges • Infection • Infertility • Insomnia • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) • Lupus • Lyme Disease • Migraines • Mold Exposure • Multiple Sclerosis • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder • Ovarian Cysts • Toxicity • Undiagnosable Illnesses • Vision • Weight Issues • and much more...

In-Person or Remote Appointments





WHAT IS IT? ... We begin with something familiar. For an electrocardiogram, medical personnel use an electrocardiograph machine to look for problems with the electrical activity of the heart. Electrodes that contact the body allow for the electrical energy from the heart to run over wires. The results appear as line tracings on paper, which the medical doctor is able to interpret.

Similar to what an electrocardiogram tells about the heart, NRT technology tells about the entire system of organs, glands, and tissues. The NRT practitioner manually contacts the various body reflex (electromagnetic) points. If there is dysfunction in the network, the brain trips the neurological reflex, reducing the amount of blood flow and electromagnetic energy to the voluntary muscle that the practitioner is contacting (typically the deltoid of the arm). An active reflex indicates a complication.

WHAT IS A REFLEX RESPONSE? ... An example of a reflex response is the pupil of the eye reacting to light’s electromagnetic energy. The knee is another example, the one commonly used by medical doctors. The body has many reflex points, each one corresponding to an organ, gland, tissue, or bodily function. They can be used to gather critical information about the body’s bio-energetic condition at the cellular level. NRT pinpoints stressors on the system — immune challenges, dermatome scars, heavy metal and chemical toxicities, skeletal interferences, environmental stress, dental issues, food sensitivities, and allergens — all causes of illnesses. God gave us, in the very design of the human body, the ability to accurately, and by a noninvasive means, analyze the complex anatomical system.

In traditional medicine, the doctor uses test results to determine what drugs or surgeries might treat, alleviate, or remove symptoms. The NRT practitioner does not focus on symptoms but rather develops an individualized program to address the root cause(s) of the symptoms. It may consist of whole-food supplements, laser treatment, dietary coaching, and other recommended therapies. This is called Designed Clinical Nutrition.



WHAT IS IT? ... Just as our food supply has been denigrated through pesticides, genetically modified seeds, and chemical processing, many vitamin and mineral supplements are synthetically fabricated in pharmaceutical labs and come to us in isolated forms, such as Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Magnesium, etc. All lack the cofactors and synergistic elements of live foods that are necessary for health. Along with adulterated foods, synthetic vitamins can actually contribute to imbalances and nutritional deficiencies, which can ultimately result in disease. 

Proper supplementation utilizes powerful, concentrated whole-food supplements in which enzymes, nutrients, and micronutrients are extracted under strict regulation to keep them intact. The practitioner uses the NRT technique to determine the precise nutrients that are lacking. The nutritional program also includes customized dietary guidelines. Dietary intake is examined and adjusted as needed to facilitate detox and healing.

People can “eat their way” into health problems. They can also eat their way out of them! Patients on the program are monitored closely, and changes to the supplement and dietary protocol are made as the case progresses.

Nutrition Response Testing and Designed Clinical Nutrition, in combination, constitute a highly developed and individualized approach to wellness. Not everyone is a candidate for this program. The practitioner is able to make the determination after an initial consultation and evaluation. Those who qualify, and are able to commit to restoring their innate health, can write their personal healing stories. We witness incredible breakthroughs in our clinic every day.

In-Person or Remote Appointments