Infrared Sauna with Chromotherapy

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Includes Halotherapy and ChromoTherapy

Is there a price to pay for our modern way of life? Undeniably, the breakthrough advances in industry, manufacturing, agriculture, science, medicine, and technology give us by-products that result in the contamination of our natural environment.

Toxins are, in fact, everywhere: mercury is in the fish we eat, the fillings in our mouth, and many vaccinations. Lead, cadmium, arsenic, mercury, radiation, and plastics are found in pesticide, industrial emissions, and many water sources. Heavy chemicals show up in our soaps, shampoos, vehicle exhaust, and clothing. Genetically modified organisms and glyphosate are served up in our foods — and the list goes on. Sadly, research shows that many health conditions and severe illnesses trace back to the overabundance of the ubiquitous, inescapable poisonous substances.

This “toxic tsunami” came upon us in a relatively short period of time, but it does long-term damage. It alters the body’s ability to maintain homeostasis. Any interference with the body’s internal balance causes it to go out of sync with itself due to its inability to deal with external and internal poisons. The resulting disease menu is extensive and includes cancers of every sort, liver disease, damage to the nervous and immune systems, reproductive problems, kidney failure, and psychological abnormalities, just to cite a few. Hence the USA earns a gold medal in chronic disease!

But it’s not all gloom and doom. It IS about education, understanding, and empowering people to avoid becoming statistics. Holistic healthcare professionals recommend an assortment of detoxification programs to ameliorate the onslaught of toxicants. One of the most innovative, effective, and rapid ways of doing this is to bypass the digestive system and to pull the bio-garbage directly from the body’s largest detoxification organ, the skin, via lymphatic stimulation and release. In addition, we chose dry far-infrared sauna technology because research measures five times more toxin release in the sweat from a far-infrared session as compared to that of a traditional sauna.

Far-Infrared Sauna Technology Explained ...The far-infrared sauna is an intensely restorative, stress-melting, pain-relieving healing session that creates an invisible band of light and heat to warm the body by penetrating the cells. A traditional sauna heats, primarily, the air around the body but does not permeate the cells. This causes an excessive amount of surface sweat and feeling of hot claustrophobia, but toxins are not expelled. In the far-infrared sauna, intracellular permeation stimulates the cardiovascular, immune, and lymphatic systems, and penetrates joints, muscles, and ligaments, increasing oxygen flow and circulation.

Far-infrared sauna treatment is ideal in the case of sports injuries. It also detoxes heavy metals, EMF radiation, pesticides, scar tissue, and countless other chemicals, alleviates skin problems, accelerates weight loss (one session is equivalent to a 30-minute cardio workout!!), and replenishes light deprivation while simultaneously reducing the amount of supplement intake. Additionally, the unit has a custom addition of red-, blue-, and white-light therapy to deliver the benefits of the sun without the potentially detrimental UV rays. Far-infrared saunas are safe to use and provide a luxury treatment for stressed-out adrenal glands, the health of which is CRITICAL for energy level and longevity.

ORGANIQUE is thrilled to combine far-infrared sauna technology with multi-spectrum light technology — whole-body health and cellular optimization that integrates the gamut of healing brilliances. Kick the body into overdrive with the union of sun and earth. Come into warmth and light and soak in “safe” healing.

CHROMOTHERAPY ... Incorporated into our far-infrared sauna, detox mud bath, and crystal light healing therapies

Imagine a potted flower that is stored in a cold, dark closet for days. It would sag, fade, deteriorate, and gravity would take over. This is not unlike your skin when deprived of primary nutrients needed for survival. In fact, the whole body — attitude, demeanor, and appearance — may be characterized by that wilting plant.

Alternatively, the same flower planted in rich soil and soaking up the healing rays of the sun would be firm, radiant in color, restored, and beautiful. This is the power of light, the lifeblood of cellular regeneration. Like a world-class spa for your cells, light therapy takes longevity to a new level.

We know about the health detriments that stem from a Vitamin D deficiency, the inescapable problem for all northern-latitude dwellers. Many attempt to offset the effects of the lack of sunshine with a Vitamin D supplement. This is better than nothing, but there is SO much more to consider. Other vital chemical processes require light energy. From stress response, brain health, sleep patterns, mood setting, and biorhythms, to hormone function, immune-system function, and endorphins — there are NUMEROUS body systems negatively affected by light deprivation.

Aging is accompanied by a decrease in collagen; skin loses elasticity, and, remember that it is our largest organ, of equal importance with other organs. The hazards of stress, smoking, toxins in the environment, and poor food choices all team up to create wrinkles, lines, and discoloration. Light therapy can be of great value in this regard.

It can also be used to address:

• depression, including seasonal affective disorder syndrome (SADS)
• sexual dysfunction
• acne (and other skin problems)
• headaches
• stress
• hair loss
• wounds 
• freckles
• dry skin
• sinus conditions
• scars, stretch marks, and surgical wounds
• large pores
• eczema and psoriasis
• poor circulation

And it is used effectively for: tendonitis, arthritis, torn muscles, fibromyalgia, broken bones, sprains, strains, and nerve damage.

Light therapy utilizes natural and variable light-wavelengths in a gentle, relaxing, and harmless manner. At ORGANIQUE we are able to help the patient decide when light therapy is an advisable treatment, designing a plan that is tailored to the client’s needs.

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