Alchemy Silver (Decaf) Organique Coffee

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( Decaf )

Purity ... Our crowning achievement in the journey to capture the prolific alchemy of optimal mind, body, and spirit connection. This rich and luxuriant elixir captures our soul’s intention of ORGANIQUE - the magical synergy of intrinsic purity, innate healing, powerful relationship, and loving community - all in a nourishing, low-acid, mineralizing infusion of nutrients and antioxidants. It’s what espresso should be. Cultivated on small farms from across the world, and small-batch roasted in America, this delicious blend epitomizes the ORGANIQUE standard of going beyond lab testing and into the magical realm of kinesiological testing on the human bio-field to ensure a gorgeous fusion of earthen elements with optimal human cellular resonance. Alchemy Gold contains a blend of organic and ethically-sourced beans and is the creative marriage of earth, soul, fire, and a sprinkle of tobacco, orange, dark chocolate, & gold dust.

Alchemy: Quantum Light Infused ... This coffee is quantum light infused with orgone, shungite, rose quartz, tourmaline, obsidian, agate, apatite, aquamarine, clear quartz, quartz, lapis, jade, tiger’s eye, citrine, fluorite, amethyst, malachite, jasper, and beamed with low-voltage and Rife frequencies.

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