Small BioArc Disc

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Personal and Device Harmonizer
The personal and device-harmonizer leverages the power of the dual BioArc and shrinks it into a practical protection that you can take with you anywhere. Smartphones, iPads, computers, laptops, SmartTVs, Kindles, and bluetooth compatible headsets are just a few of the uses for these protection plates. Custom eyeglass, wedding ring, and other jewelry chips are available upon request (special order required).

Food, Beverage, and Supplement Energy Enhancer
The personal harmonizer doubles as a nutrient optimizer by energetically drawing the highest potential frequencies into your food, beverages, or supplements; these small self-adhesive discs can bring the ideal structure to your glass of water, wine, tea, or beer, as well as boost the potency and general vitality of your foods. Placing one in the refrigerator, freezer, or supplement cabinet brings an additional mark of genius to your daily nutrition intake.

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