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“Have you ever stood in the grocery store aisle reading labels for a half hour? Too much sugar, too many simple carbohydrates, corn, peanut butter, rice, GMO’s … many nutrition bars sound great until you read the label. There I was with my rumbling stomach in the middle of one of California’s most famous health food stores, without a nutrition bar that I could eat! Hence, the conception of the ORGANIQUE Bar.

This is a frequent challenge among nutrition-conscious individuals … how to take your healthy lifestyle on the go with you. There is no question in our minds that a fresh, organic, nutrient-dense meal of living, whole foods is the optimal choice, which makes it especially difficult to find an appropriate, competitive, clear-conscience substitute at times when your busy and thriving lifestyle takes you on the road. Many of us are not willing to sacrifice the way we feel for “convenience,” because we know that, by definition, that likely means GMOs, pesticides, heavy metals, high sugars, toxic chemicals, cheap grains, and hyper-processed, denatured, fake foods that facilitate disease. Whether a business executive, a busy mom, a college student, or child going to daycare – the demands are similar … to be active, ambitious, flourishing, AND feeling our very best at a price that we can afford! I saw this as a deficiency in the market, and one that I wanted to address.

Looking for something that tastes excellent, replaces a meal, that you crave for breakfast and your child craves for dessert? Something that sheds the guilt and pounds, and is an investment into your health? The ORGANIQUE Bar is your answer.” ~ Owner, Ashley Meyer

...we are obsessed with these bars in our house!
~ M.M.
...I wholeheartedly recommend these bars!!!
~ T.R.
M grandkids LOVE THEM!
~ T.B.
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