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My family’s journey to seeking better health and wellness began four years ago with ORGANIQUE Clinic. I knew deep down my health and wellness had more potential, and for a seemingly "healthy and active" person, I knew I should feel better. I knew deep down I wasn't well. I wasn't sleeping great, often felt fatigued, and despite cups of coffee I would often feel foggy and forgetful. Little things, but after I started really paying attention to my symptoms, I knew I needed to seek answers. I was not okay with this just being how it is. I also knew that traditional wellness routes had failed me so many times before. I'd mention these symptoms with often little to no answer. I was frustrated. I exercised daily, made wholesome, homemade meals, took my vitamins, and yet I still wasn't feeling great.

After discovering ORGANIQUE Clinic through a friend, I thought, “What do I have to lose? NOTHING!” So, I jumped in with the NRT program and very quickly discovered the truth as to why I had felt so unwell. I discovered that every symptom has a root cause and unless you discover the root cause, you cannot help alleviate the symptoms that come along with it. My family first had many environmental issues we needed to address in our home, which shocked me! Once we were able to address the environmental issues in our home, we were able to begin our path to health! Once I started to feel SO MUCH better, I realized how yucky I had been feeling and for as long as I could pretty much remember.

Every member of my family has since started the NRT program. After seeing how much it had benefited me, they all wanted to be WELL; mind, body, and spirit. Each of our stories and symptoms have all been unique, and our paths have not all looked the same. Our optimal health is unique; certainly not a “one size fits all” or “everyone take this vitamin/prescription and you will magically be well”. No big band-aids here! And since, every one of us has made improvements in our health and wellbeing.

Looking back on this journey to seeking health, we have learned SO much. And we continue to learn more and more on our journey with ORGANIQUE Clinic. Of the incredible amounts of things we have learned, I'll list the most important… We have learned how to listen to our bodies. We have learned that every symptom has a root cause. We have learned how destructive and harmful sugar is. We have learned the impact of everything we put into/onto our bodies. We have learned that health is more than how we feel or how we look.

We are incredibly grateful for ORGANIQUE Clinic and thank God every day that we discovered them, because without them, I know our lives wouldn't be as wonderful. Without them, we would be frustrated. Without them, we wouldn't have answers. Without them, we would not be on the path to being our optimal, best version of ourselves. ORGANIQUE Clinic has continued and will forever be our family’s safeguard and wellness anchor.




After struggling with declining health over the last few years, and never understanding why, this last summer things got really bad. A family friend referred me to Ashley and her team at ORGANIQUE. Desperate, I made a 2-day decision to travel all the way from Kansas to Tomahawk, WI (12 hours)! I was barely able to lay on the table in Ashley’s office long enough for my body to be scanned; I was so miserable.

I found out through testing that our home had MAJOR environmental issues. Our minds were blown. We got to work and got them fixed and began on a healing journey with Ashley and her team. This news truly saved my family! I cannot say enough about the support and help that I have received from ORGANIQUE; there are just no words for it! I refer everyone to Ashley that will listen to me. You could truly change your life. Thank you to the whole team for all that you do!




The NRT program has been one of the best investments we’ve made in our son! We started him at 18 months old. He turns 3 next month and is thriving! Before the program, he was constantly bloated, drooly, snotty, congested, gassy, anxious, constantly catching whatever was going around daycare, and always hungry. Everything on his before-the-program list has done a complete 180. He is so healthy, chill, and authentic (a big silly ham ball)! He is the healthiest kid in his daycare class, and I’m constantly reminded of that when I pick him up and everyone else has a cold with a runny nose and is drooling like crazy. Healthy = Happy! He still is a bottomless pit – some things may never change!




Our journey with ORGANIQUE began about seven years ago when Joe was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. The doctor came in, looked at him, said there is no cure, and then left the room. At that point, of course you’re going to look for an alternative method of healing. So, Joe talked to Ashley, and he has made remarkable progress with her help and her advising him on the proper supplements and proper diet. But, we have also learned that not only is eating properly and taking the proper supplements part of healing, it is also healing your inner self; becoming happy with who you are, loving yourself, and getting rid of negative feelings that have been stashed away for several years. We got that help at ORGANIQUE through Jen and her emotional clearings. ORGANIQUE is a blessing not only for us, but for several people in this community and all of those outside of this community who travel to see Jen, Ashley, or any of the other workers at ORGANIQUE. I would highly recommend trying out the services at ORGANIQUE!


I started the NRT program after seeing a presentation in Appleton. I was 34 years old at the time, and it was hard to get out of bed every morning. I knew something wasn't right for years, but could never figure out what and why. I “trial and errored” a lot, and when I couldn’t figure things out on my own, I tapped into the medical world with no success (bloodwork, nurses, and doctors were stumped and felt sorry for me, ultimately blaming genetics). At 28 years old, loved ones told me it was just part of getting older and/or that I should exercise more. I honestly didn't expect my body to survive another 5 years.

Five years later at 33 years old, I cut sugar, corn, soy, wheat, and lactose out of my diet with the help of a local chiropractor; however, my improvements didn’t stick and the inflammation returned even though I maintained that way of living. I had been fighting the best I knew how for better health for my family (amazing husband, little girl, toddler boy, and in-utero baby boy) and had exhausted all the resources of which I had known. My hair was falling out at an astronomical rate (that always had stopped during previous pregnancies), my rash on my chest didn’t go away (it had during previous pregnancies), my teeth hurt (even though the dentist assured me they were perfect), and I had been constantly gaining weight (no matter what workout and/or diet program I religiously followed). This is when God helped me get to the right place at the right time! I saw Ashley, the owner of ORGANIQUE, present at a local event, and she talked about the body's symptoms being comparable to a car’s check engine light. She talked about the body’s DIS-EASE and gave examples of big check engine lights like hair falling out, teeth issues, etc. Everything made logical sense, and a light bulb turned on! I needed NRT!

The sources of my problems were pinpointed at my very first appointment. With support and guidance through the NRT program, the sources of problems were fixed quite quickly. My body's innate ability to heal took over. My hair stopped falling out, rashes I’d had for years faded, my scalp no longer itched/flaked, my teeth didn’t hurt, the list goes on and on. I felt like myself once again after so many years! As an added bonus, I effortlessly lost a LOT of excess weight/inflammation. I am thriving physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Words cannot express the gratefulness I feel toward my friend who encouraged me to attend Ashley’s presentation in Appleton. I am thankful to ORGANIQUE for teaching me to listen to and trust my body, mind, and spirit as well as guiding me on this completely individualized and customized journey toward self-healing. This program literally saved my life in so many ways, and I am forever grateful!

Things I had: PCOS (no longer an issue), irregular periods (no longer an issue), endometriosis/painful periods (no longer an issue), multiple auto-immune issues based on symptoms (continuously improving), sleeping issues (overall improvement), gastrointestinal issues (no longer an issue), pain (no longer an issue), and BII (Breast Implant Illness – continuously improving).




My family started working with Ashley after my chronic gut issues (that I had since age 8) caused me in desperation to say, “No more!” and to try something different. Through working with Ashley, my family has overcome Lyme disease, autoimmune arthritis diseases, depression, IBS and chronic stomach pain, and general illnesses that children get. I have a much better understanding of my body and the effects of the world on my body as it relates to food, stress, mental and emotional health. I have done the NRT program, the emotional program, the weight-loss program, pretty much all the clinic offers, and I am amazed at my level of health compared to those around me. Had I not found Ashley and ORGANIQUE, my husband would be on tons of medications and weekly shots, my children would be sick all winter, every winter, and I would be chained to my home due to depression and IBS. Not to mention what would have happened had we not overcome Lyme! Long story short, there’s just too much to say!


My daughter came to see Ashley as our “last resort”. We were told she would need to have surgery to remove her tonsils and adenoids, she would need a tongue-tie release, and that she had significant gut health issues all because she had impaired breathing, primarily at night. I refused to do surgery without knowing the root cause, but was exhausted that no efforts were helping. We were put in touch with Ashley, and it changed our world. I would have never realized the impact our home environment would have on our family's health.

Ashley slowly peeled away the detriments in our daughter's health, and her breathing is shockingly different. She used to have apnea episodes while sleeping, and her snoring was so loud you could hear her on different floors of our home. She also consistently became congested and feverish every 6 weeks since birth, and we never knew the cause. She no longer deals with any congestion, and we can't hear her breathing when she sleeps at all. It's truly amazing the results we have seen, and we are eternally grateful for Ashley and trusting God's plan for continuing to seek care that truly looks deep into the body.


ORGANIQUE has made a HUGE difference in my life. With cancer hitting many people that I love, I am very passionate about having a healthy lifestyle with how we eat and live, and ORGANIQUE has brought my awareness to a whole new level. After working through the NRT program, it was necessary for me to take on the emotional aspect of my health. I worked with Jen using the Emotional Clearing technique. After some sessions with her, I felt lighter and more aware of not holding things in. I was finally able to allow my self-consciousness to not control my life. This past year, I'm proud to say that I decided to become a yoga instructor. I always wanted to, but never thought I would be able to, stand in front of people and instruct. I truly believe that through clearing these emotions, they no longer held me back. I also had my two kids do a few sessions as well, in hopes that these emotions that are passed from generation to generation stop with them. It has been a true blessing.


I first started coming to ORGANIQUE Clinic in 2015 with a myriad of health issues. I had tried many different traditional western medicine approaches with no avail or relief.

After my initial consultation, I realized what the root cause of many of my symptoms were. I suffered from debilitating allergies, GI issues, and minor heart irregularities. At the time, I was afraid to exercise because of my heart, I had many food sensitivities, and I had daily allergy attacks.

The staff at ORGANIQUE clinic offered a holistic approach to regain my health and wellness. I didn't realize that heavy metals, environmental toxins, and certain foods and drinks could have such a dramatic impact on health. The Nutrition Response Testing Program that Ashley offered gave me the tools to regain my health through detoxification, an elimination diet, and supplementation.

After following the program for a few months, I felt substantially better. My allergies had subsided, my energy levels were way up, and my overall sense of wellbeing was the best it had been in years. I was able to go back to the gym with full confidence and was able to resume my exercise regimen without having to worry about my heart.

Ashley and the team at ORGANIQUE empowered me to regain and take control of my health. I am forever grateful and would highly recommend all of the programs at the clinic. I have also brought my young daughter to the clinic, and they were able to help her drastically. She has seen amazing improvement in a very short period of time.

And, after many years of visiting ORGANIQUE, I discovered some of their other programs, like the Emotional Healing Program that Jen offers. There are many facets to health and healing, and the mind, body, and soul connection is very important. After incorporating the Emotional Healing Program, my overall health and wellbeing has gone to the next level, and I feel the best I ever have.

Again, I would like say, “Thank you to everyone at the ORGANIQUE Clinic! You have blessed our family in many ways, and we are very grateful.”

Best Regards, Ryan




We began at ORGANIQUE when our son, then 1.5 years old, was sick every other week with fevers, infections, colds, and digestion issues that would not go away. My mom and sister had seen very good results from NRT with Ashley, and we decided to begin our journey, too. Since starting the program, he has been doing great. When our oldest child got a deer-tick bite, under Ashley’s care, we were able to clear him of Lyme and not just cover up the symptoms. I have been in the program since the birth of our third child. I have energy, and we are doing preventative work on family history problems. We are thankful for the natural, holistic approach to health.


I started the NRT program with Ashley in 2017. At that time, I had many health issues beginning to present themselves and I knew if I didn’t make positive changes that my health would continue to decline. It was time to regain my health, and that I did and so much more! Not only have I benefited from “Living Organique”, my family has also! A couple of years ago my daughter was experiencing severe stomach pain after each meal. When months of doctors’ visits did not provide concrete answers, Ashley was able to determine the cause and recommend a healing protocol. My entire family has taken advantage of the unique services offered by Organique. We are so blessed to have such a variety of healing services available to us here in the Northwoods!


There are so many positive things I have to say about Organique. I wrote my original testimonial about 10 years ago of why I was originally drawn to Organique. I originally came to Organique for an overactive thyroid. I went to many medical doctors to seek help with unanswered questions. I was drawn to Organique to get to the root cause of my problems.  Yes my original thyroid issue is resolved.  You may ask why do I still go to Organique if my thyroid issue is resolved.  My answer is because it’s my way of LIVING!!  

Ashley has helped my family find the root cause to many different environmental issues from sewer gases, radon, mold, methane and pesticides.  Ashley has also helped us with many accidental injuries in our family. From broken bones, concussions, a torn tendon in a knee.  Ashley has the knowledge to recommend the correct supplements to give to our bodies to help heal properly.  

My family and I have also used the emotional program at Organique and have had much success. From a personal and business professional perspective I recommend the emotional program.  Jen is gifted in helping release past emotions and help with current life emotions.  Jen is not a therapist. She is an emotional practitioner that is there to help guide you find your inner spirit.

Well I can’t only complement Ashley and Jen because my family has used all the services at Organique.  A Reiki appointment with Kelly is relaxing, spirit rejuvenating and amazing. I would highly recommend a Reiki appointment.  The crystal bed is very relaxing.  A massage therapy appointment is very relaxing and is adjusted specific to your tight muscles.  Then there’s the salon where you can get a haircut for the whole family.  Organique also has an array of products for sale that will curb your snacking appeal to incenses that will relax your mind, body and spirit.  Visiting Organique is my way of living.




Our family LOVES Ashley and ORGANIQUE. I started seeing Ashley in 2019. I have been into natural health since I was young, around 12 years old. I am now a massage therapist, and my degree is in natural health. However, we had three years in a very unhealthy home that led to my mental and physical demise. This ended with me getting many physical problems, including mold poisoning, as well as SIBO. I also ended up with POTS and hypothyroidism. I saw miraculous results very fast seeing Ashley, and doing what she instructed, we were able to build a healthy home. Our family’s slogan is, "Is it Ashley approved?"

I am completely healed and well! I was blessed to get pregnant at 40 years old! An amazing, healthy pregnancy and amazing, healthy birth! We just had our precious little girl on November 13 at 2:30 AM with her daddy being the one to catch her. The only person that I recommend for natural health when I talk to people now is Ashley. Thank you all so much!


My journey started in July of 2019. As my husband and I were traveling to Rhinelander, I looked and saw the sign for ORGANIQUE. I had been praying to God to find somewhere to get answers on how to heal my body, as I had a lot of health issues. I went on the internet to see what ORGANIQUE was about, and I felt that God had shown me where to go to get help.

In August, I had my first appointment with Ashley for NRT and received my report of findings. In it, a note from Ashley said, “If you are not fully committed to the program, don't start.” It was hard at first to make the call to start the NRT Program because this was going to be a lifestyle/emotional change not only for me, but for family and friends.

I started the NRT Program in September of 2019, and it was the best decision I have ever made for my health. It was a lot of hard work and dedication, but it was putting myself first for the first time in my life. As Ashley put it time and time again, it took you a ton of years to get all these health issues, and now you have to plant your new garden to help your body heal itself.

When I got to a point where I needed to go to another step in healing my body, I did the Accelerated Weight Loss Program in the fall of 2020, and that helped a lot. I was even able to decrease some of my medications, which is an awesome feeling.

I still felt I had something else I needed to do, and if you remember when I drove by ORGANIQUE, I felt in my heart this was the place that I could heal myself, and they had the know-how to do it. In late fall of 2020, I started the Emotional Healing Program with Jen. It has been an amazing experience, and I am still in that program.

I know I still have a journey here at ORGANIQUE, but I have come so far in a little over a year, that God truly blessed me that day I drove by.

I also want to tell you that the salon, the massage therapist, and the staff are so awesome and helpful.

Thank you for all your help,





ORGANIQUE has been such a huge part of my emotional healing the last year and a half. I can’t say “thank you” enough to Jen. She is amazing and a very kind person. Her passion for assisting in the healing process is heartfelt. Everyone at ORGANIQUE is so welcoming and friendly. They make me feel like part of their family.


Life as I knew it changed forever when Ashley came into my life. My sister had been encouraging me for years to go see Ashley, as she knew Ashley could help me. However, I was a firm believer that the doctor's office would give me a solution to my outstanding issues. Sadly, I could've been way ahead in my health journey had I listened to my sister and started seeing Ashley years ago. Ashley pinpointed exactly where we needed to target, and I finally feel as if I have a plan to healing, and my husband is going to be starting his journey with Ashley here shortly! I am so thankful for everything Ashley has helped me overcome so far!


Being a husband to a wife that was chronically ill was very hard on me and our children. After lots of prayer, I asked my wife to drive up to see Ashley. Within the first few weeks of the NRT Program, we saw HUGE results in my wife. At that point, we decided to start sending all of our three children to see Ashley as well.

My middle daughter had a very large cyst on her big toe that needed to be removed. To remove the large cyst, we ran the risk of her having a lifetime of foot pain due to the extreme size of the cyst and how the removal process would have been. This was not an option for our 2-year-old. Instead, she saw Ashley, and Ashley helped us find environmental issues that we were struggling with. Within 24 hours of the gases being removed from our house, the cyst disappeared and never returned again. That was five years ago!

I was the last one in our family to start seeing Ashley. I had been having repeat surgeries on my eye due to chronic infections that needed to be drained. My wife suggested that it was time I also joined the "ORGANIQUE family," and I am pleased to say that since seeing Ashley, I have never had to have any additional surgeries on my eye for drainage!

My family is healthy because of Ashley! Ashley is far more than just a nutritionist. Her entire clinic brings hope to the chronically ill!

Thank you!




I came to ORGANIQUE physically depleted with a Crohn's disease diagnosis. I was medicated, but while some of my symptoms were better, I knew my body was just barely functioning. I was nowhere near healthy.

The team at ORGANIQUE helped me get my environment clean. Ashley taught me about true health; things I had never heard before. Less than a year after starting with Ashley, I was medication- and symptom-free. Most importantly, I have been educated and now know how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

My entire family, and even some extended family, now see Ashley. I continue to be amazed by what she can handle with nutrition!


Lisa Fochs


I and my husband have been so blessed by Ashley and how she has improved our health! I cannot recommend her enough. You have to come meet with her and just experience what she does. She will change your life! Ashley has also worked on two of our animals and had great success. Our cat's tumor has shrunk more than half the size!


I’ve always been very healthy and never missed any amount of school or work. I was seldom sick with a cold or stomach flu. In January 2015, I became ill from a severe cold that lasted for a couple of weeks and developed into other symptoms that just wouldn’t go away. I was not able to regain my strength and had difficulty with movements and difficulty sleeping.

I went to see my doctor, and later a neurologist, who diagnosed me with Parkinson’s. My diagnosis was later confirmed by three other neurologists. I was tested for Lyme disease more than once, however, the results were always negative. My neurologist tried several different medications, but none of them worked for me. I continued to get worse. By November 2018, I was not able to sleep at all and began to deteriorate rapidly, and after sleeping only four hours in three days, my wife took me to the emergency room. In addition to everything else, I had developed a relatively high sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, computers, and other wireless electronic devices.

I began working with ORGANIQUE in December 2016. Ashley and her staff helped me to understand why I had become chronically ill and what I needed to rebuild my immune system. Ashley taught me how to improve our home environment by fixing air and water quality issues, deal with electromagnetic stress, and how to improve my health with better nutrition. Whenever I had any health issues that needed to be addressed, they kept finding solutions, even when it was something not encountered before. Over time, I’ve had several ups and downs, but today my immune system and overall health are the best in six years. I used to think that I would never be healthy again, but today I believe I’m better than 90% of what I was before. Most importantly, I know that I will continue to improve. I owe a great deal of gratitude to Ashley and the staff at ORGANIQUE for all the help and for never giving up. I don’t know where I’d be today without their help.

Thank you for giving me a second opportunity to live healthy and enjoy my life, my family, and especially my grandchildren. My wife and I very grateful for your wonderful gift.




I started the NRT Program with Ashley after I began to lose vision in my right eye. I started seeing doctors in the medical community first, but received no concrete answers as to what was causing the sudden loss of vision. The first doctor I saw was convinced it was MS. The second doctor implied it may be a brain tumor and encouraged CT scanning. The third doctor said if it didn't improve soon, I would be sent down to Madison to undergo further testing. 

Thankfully, I started seeing Ashley before any of that became necessary. She pinpointed my underlying health issues immediately and gave me the tools to solve the problem. My vision came back and so much more. I no longer have panic attacks, severe anxiety, insomnia, gastrointestinal issues, or pain. In addition, I lost a ton of weight as a "side effect" of working with Ashley. That was never my plan, but a pleasant surprise! 

- K.M.



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On October 20, 2016 we found out our 9 year old daughter had Lyme Disease. She was very sick. Her temperature spiked to over 104.5 degrees, she had severe flu like symptoms, headaches, every joint in her body was painful, and she had a persistent cough. She also had some cognitive difficulties. Eventually she had the classic bullseye rash. Looking back, her symptoms started in spring. The problem with Lyme Disease is that it can present itself as so many other conditions. The longer it goes untreated, the harder it can be to treat. We were confident that if we went the "traditional" way of treatment, that it would just be putting a bandaid on the disease. But, we were confident that Ashley could help her. As a family, we have been seeing Ashley for years, so we called and got in immediately. She gave us hope on our very first visit that our daughter wouldn't have the debilitating lasting affects that some chronic Lyme patients can have. We followed the treatment plan Ashley laid out for us, doing the detoxing and rebuilding steps; With every visit, our daughter was improving significantly. By early December, we received the best news of all - our daughter was permanently healed from Lyme Disease! We are so grateful for Ashley and her wonderful staff, Lynn and Jen. With much love!


Life-changing has been our family's experience with Ashley! She tackles the big picture to get at root causes like nothing I've ever seen. Nutrition isn't complex, it's simple and understanding what the body needs is critical. No more guesswork! My kids love to see her and I'm beyond grateful for the abundant health they have! Anyone who wants to take charge of their own health should visit Organique. I can't say enough about how our health has transformed! Guaranteed to change your life!


I had struggled with infertility for 10 years. After being educated in natural health and wellness I truly believe that is what helped me to conceive my first child! We now have a healthy baby boy! Thanks Ashley!


I came in to the clinic to see Ashley for my regular scheduled checkup and mentioned that I was feeling a little off. I was experiencing a mild headache which had been continuous for about a week. I was also not sleeping well at night, which is very odd for me. After testing me, Ashley found that I was being “gassed” and asked me to have my furnace checked out. So, the next day I had our furnace inspected … and it was condemned!! There was a crack in the air exchanger, so gasses were leaking out every time the furnace kicked on. We were able to get a new furnace and our house is now healthy again! I can’t thank Ashley enough!!! This happened just before Christmas - who knows how sick our family could have become without her early detection. Thank you, Ashley!!


Before I started the NRT program I was in pain, fatigued, and a mess. I was a sugar addict. What has happened to me in the 18 weeks since is profound. I have energy. I can think clearer and I am not in constant pain. My older sister sums it up best when she said, “I’m so happy to have my sister back," and I’m happy to be back!


No longer am I more tired upon awaking than when I went to bed! My lower back pain has almost completely gone away! Ashley has more human anatomy understanding than any person I know, including doctors. She is one of the most upbeat, high energy people I have ever met. When you finally make the decision to see her, you will not be disappointed. Her support staff, Jen and Lyn, are equally helpful and as upbeat as Ashley. Whatever your health issues are, this clinic will change your life for the better!


I would love to share my experience...thank you, thank you, thank you! What a difference a year can make! In February, the typical time of year for colds, flu, and pneumonia, I started with a cold that turned into bronchitis. I was prescribed steroids for the inflammation and inhalers to improve lung capacity. Within one week, I was back at the doctor and was prescribed antibiotics for the infection in my sinuses and lungs. We are now into March, I started a new job and was continuing to have asthma problems while taking the inhalers on a daily basisv... 2 puffs 4 times a day of two different inhalers. My body was retaining water and I was exhausted. I slept on the couch with pillows to hold myself upright. I was given another round of cortisone and antibiotics. I was diffusing peppermint oils and applying steam baths to my head in hopes the combination of the medication and the steam would open my lungs. One Sunday evening at 10:30, I ended up at the Emergency Room ... I could not breathe. I was hooked up to IV's and given several nebulizer treatments until I was stabilized. My lung capacity was in the danger zone when I arrived and I was given a stern talking to from the doctor for waiting too long - lesson learned!! I was sent home with instructions for nebulizer treatments 4 to 6 times per day, inhalers and antibiotics - I was not quite at the pneumonia stage but very close. Now we are into late April/early May and the tree pollen is out ... not good! My body was tired and sick...I went to see Ashley and she worked with me to stabilize my condition. I was filled with anxiety of contracting another cold and worried about the Spring pollen counts causing me to relapse right back to where I was. Ashley created a plan for me - what to look for as warning signs; proactive measures to test for the needs of my body, and supplements to combat the negative triggers. I am happy to report that this Spring was great! I did not take inhalers or nebulizer at all! This is unbelievable to me. During the high pollen days, I used a supplement from Ashley and it protected my body from overreacting and keeping my lungs being blocked. My family continues to say what a difference from last year! For Mother's Day last year we went out for dinner - I was coughing so bad and doing my inhalers continuously so we were home right after dinner. This year Mother's day was celebrated with walks at Lake Michigan, a long 3 hour dinner, and shopping - a 2 day celebration and no coughing!! Thanks for all you do, Ashley!!


When your teenager is feeling under the weather, as a parent, you want to take care of the problem as quickly as possible. The winter of 2016-2017 brought just that. This season brought multiple close contacts with individuals who had been diagnosed with positive cases of Influenza A (commonly known as H1N1) and positive cases of Pertussis (commonly known as whooping cough). With each contact, our children were asked to leave school and to be tested with negative results prior to returning to school. For five months, our family made multiple visits to a ‘standard’ clinic to be told our teenager just had a viral cold that would eventually go away. His cough was so extreme that it was keeping the rest of us awake at night, and surprisingly, the few natural results I knew of were keeping him from developing something more severe. Also, due to the inability to be active and to sing well (one of his primary interests and activities), his self-esteem was taking a good a knock. Alas, I’m a parent, believe in wellness through spiritual health and organic health, but I know that I am, by far, not an expert. Having “had enough,” I reached out to Organique Clinic. Upon Ashley’s evaluation and environmental testing, a couple “root cause” issues in our home were discovered, which were causing the stress to my son’s lungs. A very simple fix led to creating the right environment for his recovery. His body was full of the resulting toxicities, which were compromising his body’s natural response to rid the ridiculous, long-lasting cough. Other physiological, systemic roadblocks were identified in the NRT evaluation, and with the appropriate protocol by Ashley and suggestions by her lovely team, he began on his journey back to health (which he did willingly!). 
Within a day on his new protocol, he felt pretty good. The best part? After the first major step in his detox was complete, his cough almost completely went away within 48 hours. A few days later, after another full detox regimen, he felt incredible. 
As a working parent, I pride myself on offering almost a complete organic diet to our family. I also pride myself on the fact that our family generally stays pretty healthy despite the ‘junk’ that travels around our community … but sometimes, we need helping hands to guide us through. I hope other parents will realize the importance of starting their ‘getting back to healthy’ with the solutions Organique offers prior to wasting time, money, and frustrations on the ‘non-solutions’ like we did. I’m always grateful and blessed with the experiences received by Organique Clinic.


Thank you” to ORGANIQUE (Ashley Meyer, Lyn, and Jen). You helped me regain health, after other medical venues have been unsuccessful! I had always been in good shape and athletic all my life. But in December, 2013, I started getting sick, mostly from food, regardless of if it was healthy or not. I had had a milld chemical sensitivity to candles/cigar smoke for 10 years, but I started to have major issues with perfumes, laundry detergent, paint, smoke, and deodorant. By March, 2014, I was barely eating because food made me sick. I suffered with back pain, nausea, and I lost a lot of weight. So began a 3-year nightmare of going to doctors, having blood work and every procedure imaginable done, 2 times over (ultrasounds, CT scans, manometry tests, endoscopy, colonoscopy). I was put on 4 different acid reflex meds, which made me worse. One doctor prescribed an antidepressant to "reset" my body. (I decided against that recommendation!) All told, I spent 80K through my medical insurance to determine the problem. I had almost lost hope when a doctor in Rhinelander recommended ORGANIQUE. That was a life changer! After 2 visits and of NRT tests, Ashley informed me (via her environmental testing) of a major source of toxic air re-exposure in my home. I was shocked! Ashley also suggested I have a simple blood test at my medical facility to confirm her suspicions of my having a specific genetic mutation (that she is able to treat via Clinical Nutrition). The result of that genetic test was positive, and finally, after 3-1/2 years, I knew the cause of my bad health. I was severely sick from January 2014 – 2016. I started treating with Ashley in November, 2016, and as of June, 2017, I have made drastic improvements in my health, energy level, and overall well-being. I can paddle board, fish, camp, and enjoy life again. Since I have this gene mutation, I have to be careful and manage it as best as I can by watching my exposures to chemicals and certain foods (even “health” foods). I know I have more progress to make to be as healthy as possible, but I truly believe without the help and knowledge that I received at ORGANIQUE, I would not be where I am today. I feel they have saved my life when traditional doctors and medical avenues were able to offer no help!


I feel so blessed to have found a place that gave me my health and my life back! Ashley made me feel like a new woman! Just a few months ago I was a mess. I suffered from headaches, no "drive in the bedroom," inability to focus, severe menstrual cramps and cycles, dizziness, and fatigue. Ashley pinpointed the problem. After a few supplements, balancing my nervous system with laser therapy, and a few other steps, my body received the support it needed. Ashley and her team also helped me check my home for environmental issues. We had indoor pollution issues that were the underlying causes of my health problems. I am happy to say I feel whole again, thanks to Ashley. Now I want to get out of bed in the morning , and I don’t have to hit the snooze button over and over. I thank God for Ashley and her knowledge on how the the body works. She has changed my life! Thank you, Ashley, and your wonderful team, Jen and Lyn.


To Ashley & the staff at Organique,
As I approach my last scheduled appointment with you folks, I very much desire to thank you for literally giving my health back to me. Somehow the words of an old hymn seem appropriate. The name of the hymn is MY TRIBUTE and it’s words say, “How can I say thanks for all the things that you have done for me?”
Just a few months ago I came to you nearly 30 pounds heavier than I am now. It still amazes me how your guidance has done this for me without really even “dieting”. I thank you for changing my body chemistry so that I no longer need my diabetic medication (Metformin), my cholesterol medication (Crestor) or my high blood pressure medication (Losartin). This is truly amazing. Ashley, I also thank you for introducing me to your husband who is in the medical field. His approach to curing patients is a fresh perspective. I often wondered why so many doctors were inclined to medicating a symptom instead of curing the problem.
You just don’t know how much I appreciate feeling 20 years younger after literally being sick for three and a half years. Before Organique, I had daily bouts of stomach discomfort, always being nauseous, and constantly feeling fatigued. In those years, I had consulted two medical doctors and been through multiple tests (MRI, Ultrasound, Colonoscopy & Upper GI) to no avail. I had been prescribed so many medications, that I can’t even count. I surely found out how expensive drugs are in the “Donut Hole.” It is amazing to think that you cleared up my problems within such a short time and that you did it inexpensively.
Again, “How can I say thanks for all the things that you have done for me?”
I surely wish the team at Organique God’s great blessings.


For two years in a row, Randy was hospitalized with severe pancreatitis. He spent a week in the hospital each time, being very ill. He was placed in the detox ward each time in the hospital because the doctors insisted that he was an alcoholic; nothing we would say changed their mind. Randy actually drinks no alcohol at all since he became a professional “Santa” in 2004. Randy also suffered from kidney stones, and his doctor referred to his kidneys as “being like a gravel pit of stones.” He had two kidney stone surgeries and was needing a third. Randy was then diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. He also suffers from severe psoriasis. We didn’t know which way to turn, but Randy said that he was not going to spend any more time at the doctors’ offices or hospital stays. He felt the doctors were not really interested in healing him. We heard about Ashley and Organique Clinic from a friend of a friend. I looked up Ashley’s website, read through it, and both Randy and I knew this was an answer to our prayers, to get him help. We were even more excited after seeing Ashley for the first time during the initial consultation. She is an amazing care provider. We knew it was a huge commitment with a 3 ½ hr drive from Minnesota, one way, but we both felt it was what Randy needed. We started in March and drove 7 hours total, once a week, at the beginning of the program. After Randy’s first good detox he felt amazing. We finished the program the end of June. By then, Randy was extremely busy with his construction work but feeling great. He has had no pancreatic symptoms at all, and he has needed no kidney stone surgeries thanks to Ashley’s detox protocols. His blood sugars dropped to near normal levels. His psoriasis was even doing much better with strict diet control. We wish we could have continued under Ashley’s great care. However, with her move from Wausau to Hazelhurst, it added another hour each way to an already long drive. We are so excited that Ashley is now offering a Comprehensive Therapeutic Cleanse at a distance. Randy has slipped with his diet over time and we need to get him back on track!! Thank you, Ashley, for sharing your time and talent with each person you meet. We are so grateful to have found you and look forward to this new cleanse you are offering. Blessings, Santa Randy and Debra from Minnesota


You Are What You Breathe! Uncharacteristic depression and crying, nausea and appetite loss, stomach pain and burning, sleeplessness, shortness of breath, dizziness, chest pressure, and overwhelming fatigue were symptoms that kept me homebound for many months. After detailed evaluation, and cross-referencing my home environment with my NRT evaluation, Ashley linked my symptoms to a suspected septic gas leak in our home, albeit without odor; the plumbers we contacted were at a loss to address the issue. But Ashley persisted. We were frustrated because we did not know where to turn for help, and so we lived with the problem, and I kept getting increasingly sick.

Weeks went by, and Ashley "stuck to her guns" as she is trained in environmental medicine, knows the indicators, and stressed the fact that I would never recover unless we found and fixed the air problem. Thankfully another family that goes to ORGANIQUE had recently dealt with a similar issue. They found their leak and helped us find ours! We fixed it. Our house air no longer tested poorly, and I began to recover within days.

I had seen many doctors; no one suspected an environmental cause, even though there was no clinical reason for my illness. Ashley had identified the issue at the git-go and told me I was wasting money on supplements and doctor visits. She was frank, curt, and to the point. I understand why; she knew I wouldn't get better until we acted and cleaned up the quality of our indoor air.

How she is able to identify the root cause of an intangible, odorless, and lethal problem — one that is unseen, even by other experts — is a mystery to me. But she nailed it. As she says, "Environment ... it's everything!" I agree!


I came to Ashley because I have hypothyroidism and it had been two years since my levels were stabilized despite following Dr’s instructions. About the same time I was diagnosed with ADHD and depression. I was a nursing student struggling to maintain anything in my life and came dangerously close to suicide. By taking charge of my nutrition with Ashley’s help I now have hope! My depressed moods are few and far between. I am able to focus better already, and my life has changed so much for the better that everyone around me has taken notice.


I would love to share my experience...thank you, thank you, thank you!

What a difference a year can make! In February of 2015, the typical time of year for colds, flu, and pneumonia; I started with a cold that turned into bronchitis. I was prescribed steroids for the inflammation and inhalers to improve lung capacity. Within one week, I was back at the doctor and was prescribed antibiotics for the infection in my sinuses and lungs.

We are now into March, I started a new job and was continuing to have asthma problems while taking the inhalers on a daily basis....2 puffs 4 times a day of two different inhalers. My body was retaining water and I was exhausted. I slept on the couch with pillows to hold myself upright. I was given another round of cortisone and antibiotics.

I was diffusing peppermint oils and applying steam baths to my head in hopes the combination of the medication and the steam would open my lungs.

One Sunday evening at 10:30, I ended up at the Emergency Room...I could not breathe. I was hooked up to IV's and given several nebulizer treatments until I was stabilized. My lung capacity was in the danger zone when I arrived and I was given a stern talking to from the doctor for waiting too long - lesson learned!!

I was sent home with instructions for nebulizer treatments 4 to 6 times per day, inhalers and antibiotics - I was not quite at the pneumonia stage but very close. Now we are into late April/early May and the tree pollen is out...not good!

My body was tired and sick...I went to see Ashley and she worked with me to stabilize my condition. We discussed how to move forward while working with the doctors orders and creating a healthy alternative to all the medications I was on. Within 6 months, I was doing so much better!

I was filled with anxiety of contracting another cold and worried about the Spring pollen counts causing me to relapse right back to where I was. Ashley created a plan for me - what to look for as warning signs; proactive measures to test for the needs of my body, and supplements to combat the negative triggers.

I am happy to report that this Spring was great! I did not take inhalers or nebulizer at all! This is unbelievable to me. During the high pollen days, I used Allernest and it protected my body from overreacting and keeping my lungs being blocked. My family continues to say what a difference from last year! For Mother's Day last year we went out for dinner - I was coughing so bad and doing my inhalers continuously so we were home right after dinner. This year Mother's day was celebrated with walks at Lake Michigan, a long 3 hour dinner, and shopping - a 2 day celebration and no coughing!!

Thanks for all you do, Ashley!!


After being diagnosed with crohns disease in 2008 I started on multiple medications, none of which ever relieved any of my symptoms and also ended up causing more issues I decided to try a natural route. I did acupuncture for years and it helped me but I still had symptoms. I completely changed my diet and was feeling better but still having issues. After a bad sinus infection last year and a round of antibiotics, I was in complete misery. My GI doctor was recommending surgery. I knew I wasn't ready for that and made the decision to start seeing Ashley. I have only been seeing her for three months and my body is responding so well! I am already healing and some of the issues I came in with are already gone! I knew I have more healing to do, but at least I know I will get there a healthy natural way. Please don't wait, if you have been suffering with any chronic condition and medications are not working call her now. It will be life-changing, you will be healed, not just have your symptoms covered up by medicine.

In November of 2013, I started to get sick. By the end of December, I had written down a list of about 20 different symptoms that I was experiencing. I went to Urgent Care and was told I had the flu and to rest. I saw my Nurse Practitioner who decided to run lots of bloodwork and send me to a Cardiologist because of the extreme heart palpitations that I was having. I ended up testing positive for Anaplasma and was put on 2 months of antibiotics. At the end of February, I was sent to another NP and put on 2 more months of stronger antibiotics. Those 4 months were the hardest of my life. I worked from home 80% of the time, spending the majority of the day on the couch. I had to save up all my energy to make it into work 2 days a week. I could barely function. I was so frustrated in April, that I quit the medications and sought out a nutritionist. I was put on a healthy eating plan and eliminated grains, dairy, sugar, processed foods, etc. This did help me, but I was still left with extreme fatigue, headaches, neck pain, weak legs, menstrual irregularity, and digestive issues.

From the summer of 2014 through the summer of 2015, I saw a new NP and a new Physician’s Assistant, had an MRI to rule out Multiple Sclerosis, was sent to a rheumatologist, an endocrinologist, and a gastroenterologist. They never could find anything and would just send me to someone else. I had been doing research on my own and was very concerned about adrenal exhaustion. I had saliva tests performed through my chiropractor’s office which showed my DHEA and Cortisol levels were extremely low, but none of the doctors would take it seriously. I was now a few thousand dollars in debt and not getting healed.

I pursued bodywork such as acupuncture, massage therapy, and craniosacral therapy through all of this. I highly recommend these and they made me feel better, but only for a few days at a time.

Finally, God gave me a gift by putting the “Organique Clinic” in my path. In July of 2015, I noticed this Clinic that had opened up down the road from me. I started to do a little research and signed up for one of Ashley’s classes. I made an appointment and discovered that I was full of heavy metals/toxins, blocked by gallstones, had been overwhelmed with EMFs, had numerous food sensitivities, and that my adrenal glands were in crisis. I began a process of detoxification. I have been seeing Ashley for 6 months now. I am starting to feel like a functioning human being again! My body is now unblocked and we are working on getting minerals into my system and getting support for my adrenal glands. On the side, I started to see a Counselor and I removed a few stressors from my life. I still have a way to go for complete healing, but I know that I am definitely on the right path. It has felt “right” from day one. I know how to take care of myself now and look forward to many healthy days ahead. Thanks to God and Ashley!!


Allergies, drippy nose, stuffed-up sinuses ... that’s what brought me to Ashley and Nut