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A Gift of Rustic Rejuvenation - Indulge in the Luxury of Relaxation!

Abandon the stress while supporting the adrenals with the elixir they need - within the refuge of a detoxing, meditative, and pure environment!



Adrenal Support • Body Detoxification • Catalyze the Body's Rest & Repair State • Clarified Intention • Decreased Anxiety • Energetic Balance • Heightened Self-Esteem • Improved Mood • Increased Awareness • Inner Connection • Mental Focus • Physical Rejuvenation • Present State of Being • Seasonal Stabilization • Stress Release • and much more...



( Light Therapy )

Incorporated into our infrared sauna, detox mud bath, and crystal light healing therapies
Imagine a potted flower that is stored in a cold, dark closet for days. What would happen to it? It would sag, fade, deteriorate, and gravity would take over. This is not unlike your skin when deprived of the primary life nutrient needed for survival. In fact, your whole body — attitude, demeanor, and appearance — may be characterized by that wilting plant.

Imagine the same flower, planted in rich soil, and left to soak up the healing rays of the sun. What does it look like now? It is firm, radiant in color, restored, and beautiful. This is the power of light, which is the lifeblood of cellular regeneration. Like a world-class spa for your cells, light therapy is taking longevity to a whole new level.

CRYOTHERAPY ( Cold Shock Shower )

Awaken optimal detox through stimulatory sense activation. Leverage the detoxifying power of cold water to shock the lymphatic and circulatory systems into top performance with grounding free electrons. Excite your drainage pathways and filtration organs of liver, spleen, kidneys, and skin, providing an efficient and powerful mental, emotional, and physical cleansing.


Emotional and spiritual powerhouse for prayer, meditation, and manifestation. This is our pinnacle healing modality, where science captures the divinely created, intrinsically healing nature of God-breathed restoration. This experience bathes you in a healing oasis of sound, light, and frequency modulation. Intentionally connect to the God of all healing while sound, light, heat, electro-magnetic, and scalar frequencies shift your emotional and spiritual perspectives. This harmonious synergy of science and spirituality supports your journey into the fourth dimension. Essential plant oils, minerals, and crystal-infused gemstones electromagnetically activate the body.


The far-infrared sauna is an intensely restorative, stress-melting, pain-relieving healing session that creates an invisible band of light and heat to warm the body by penetrating the cells. In the far-infrared sauna, intracellular permeation stimulates the cardiovascular, immune, and lymphatic systems, and penetrates joints, muscles, and ligaments, increasing oxygen flow and circulation.

Far-infrared sauna treatment is ideal in the case of sports injuries. It also detoxes heavy metals, EMF radiation, pesticides, scar tissue, and countless other chemicals, alleviates skin problems, accelerates weight loss (one session is equivalent to a 30-minute cardio workout), and replenishes light deprivation while simultaneously reducing the amount of supplement intake.


Detox Mud Ocean Bath (with thermal geyser massage) - Plunge into an infusion of authentic ocean water, crystal-light infused essential oils, oxygenated ozone, and grounded earthen clay, while melting into the hydro-thermal geyser massage! Soak, calm, harmonize, and sip organic wine while you bask in the sensations of essential oils and full-spectrum light therapy. Experience chromotherapy penetrating into your thirsty skin! *This detox bath provides six colors of underwater light therapy calibrated at different frequencies for stimulating and soothing therapeutic purposes.


When we immerse our feet in the Ionic Foot Bath, the ionized water stimulates these acupuncture points. The weak electrical current running through the ionized water, along with added salt, is believed to create a balance of negative and positive ions that “neutralize” charged ions in the body. As these neutralized particles are extracted from the body, many different toxins are drawn out with them.


The massage therapist begins with an in-depth assessment aimed at balancing the musculoskeletal system and addressing areas of chronic tension, tightness, and bound-up connective tissue that restricts proper muscle function. Structure and function are taken into consideration while the therapist works to relax restrictions, activate areas of needs, restore pain-free movement, and improve the body’s innate sense of balance.


Reiki is an ancient healing modality that provides amazing healing benefits physically, emotionally, mentally,
and spiritually.

Reiki is a means to an awakening. Treatments support the physical body while promoting a positive mind condition that results in more joy in one's life!

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