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Specializing in natural, safe, drug-free alternatives for unresolved health issues.
For those who have lost hope and "tried everything" without results.



Acne • Anxiety • Arthritis • Autism • Cancer • Candida • Chronic Fatigue • Crohn's Disease • Depression • Diabetes • Ebstein Barr Virus • Eczema • Fibromyalgia • GERD • Heart Challenges • Infection • Infertility • Insomnia • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) • Lupus • Lyme Disease • Migraines • Mold Exposure • Multiple Sclerosis • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder • Ovarian Cysts • Toxicity • Undiagnosable Illnesses • Vision • Weight Issues • and much more...



( In-Person or Distance )
Organique Clinic's core Health Recovery Program utilizes Nutrition Response Testing, a non-invasive system of analyzing the body in order to determine underlying health issues. When these are corrected through safe, natural, nutritional means, the body can repair itself. Each individual has a unique personalized health journey that leads to an energetic, vibrant life!
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Wholistic Mental Wellness 
( In-Person or Distance )
In the same way that wind cannot be seen but felt, trapped emotional energy is invisible, yet it exerts powerful force. Trapped emotions affect the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of the human body. A significant percentage of physical illnesses and emotional difficulties are caused by these unseen energies. Take life back; enjoy better health, and be free from insidious and subtle forces that trapped emotions exert.
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At ORGANIQUE we offer cold laser (visible red light) and near-infrared laser therapy, which uses low-level photonic energy to target scarred, injured, inflamed, infected, toxic, or otherwise impaired tissues. Injured cells, in particular, readily take on the photons of light, which promotes healing and cellular regeneration. Cold laser brings red blood cells to the affected tissues, increasing oxygenation, and encourages the mitochondria to output more enzymes and ATP. Laser treatments restore balanced cellular biology, reduce pain and inflammation, and hasten the healing in muscles, ligaments, and even bones.
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A simple yet highly effective therapy. At ORGANIQUE we believe in living an energetic pain-free life. Offering PEMF therapy is another way we are able to holistically support the patient.

PEMF is a therapeutic healing technique used to increase oxygenation of tissues and remove toxins from the cells. The pulsating magnetic frequency creates a penetrating energy that dynamically interacts with the mitochondria of each cell. There is a wide range of healing benefits to the body as the pulsing passes through the skin and penetrates deep into muscles, bones, tendons, and organs to activate the energy of the cells, encouraging natural repair mechanisms.
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Ashley's lifelong love for animals has found its way into her practice! After experiencing exceptional results of applying the basic universal laws of energy testing to the animal bio-field over the past few years, she has finally made it a priority to extend the love of natural alternatives to your furry family members! She has excellent experience working remotely on both human and animal cases, which makes this service infinitely convenient for pet owners anywhere and everywhere.
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