Kaitlin Mitchell

Like many of the staff here at Organique, Kaitlin’s journey with Organique began as a patient, where she underwent an amazing health transformation through Ashley’s NRT program. Inspired by Ashley’s holistic healing abilities and Ashley’s purpose to live an authentic life, Kaitlin came on board in 2020 to pursue her own authenticity and passion for natural health.

Kaitlin grew up in the Northwoods and graduated from UW-Madison with degrees in Communication Arts, Journalism and Mass Communications. After working as a copy editor and writer, she went on to work in local government for 12 years. Kaitlin is excited to share her passion for holistic wellness with others and to witness the incredible health transformations that take place every day here at Organique. She hopes to support patients on their journey to emotional and physical well-being and to be their cheerleader along the way. Kaitlin says, “Organique is my happy place, and there’s no place I’d rather be.”

When not at Organique, Kaitlin loves spending time with her daughter and husband, camping, hiking, visiting friends and family and spending time at her family’s cabin in Harrison Hills. She strongly believes in Ashley’s mission to pinpoint and heal patients’ underlying health problems, instead of simply putting a band-aid on the symptoms. That is what brought her to Organique and why she feels Organique’s programs can work for anyone, no matter what the health issue. She has seen that everyone is capable of complete healing here at Organique and encourages you to come and experience it for yourself.