Roxy Tjugum

Healing in a holistic way led Roxy to ORGANIQUE first as a patient and now as a member of the staff. Along with physical healing, she continues to strive for whole-body healing – mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Having the support and encouragement of family and the ORGANIQUE staff has been a crucial component in this healing process.

Roxy has been an educator for many years, earning her bachelor’s degree at UW-Stevens Point and her master’s degree at Viterbo University. She is Reiki certified and continues to seek knowledge and balance through new experiences. Learning all she can about holistic healing and having a positive mindset, have been catalysts for many favorable changes in her life, beginning with regaining her health and renewing her energy for life.

“My declining health led me to find a more holistic lifestyle. By changing my diet and exploring new realms of healing, my health improved, but I quickly slipped back into old habits because I was feeling better for a period of time. By chance, I stumbled upon ORGANIQUE and knew it was meant for me. I haven’t looked back. ORGANIQUE has led to numerous changes that have improved my overall wellbeing, and I am no longer in the vicious cycle of eating healthy for a short time, only to go back to my old ways. I have transformed in so many ways! And now, I have the privilege of joining the ORGANIQUE team and helping others along their journey!”