Pranic Healing is an ancient science and art of healing that utilizes life energy to heal the whole physical body. Life energy keeps the body alive and healthy.

Pranic Healing assesses areas of energy depletion and congestion, or stagnation, which helps identify problem areas that need healing. By employing a manual cleansing technique, the practitioner is able to remove blockages and stagnant energies before giving fresh energy to the patient. Cleansing is critical to the healing process because diseased energies and negative emotional toxicity have to first be removed before energizing the body or they may manifest physically.

Every ailment produces a unique set of energy patterns that can be identified in the energy body’s 11 major chakras and numerous meridians. Pranic Healing uses specific energetic routines that are matched to the specific patterns of energetic deficiencies caused by a particular illness.

Our Pranic Healing program first begins with an hour-long consultation, which includes a Pranic Recharge session within the consultation (see Pranic Recharge information below). Then, either half-hour or hour-long Pranic Healing sessions are recommended by the practitioner. The length of a Pranic Healing program varies by ailment and will be discussed with you at your consultation.

Pranic Recharge:
This relaxing, one-hour session includes: blood cleansing, organ cleansing, chakral cleansing, physical re-charge, mental re-charge, energy re-charge, anti-aging techniques and emotional cord cutting. Our Pranic Recharge is a one-time service and therefore, can be scheduled on it’s own, without needing an initial consultation.

All Pranic Healing services are available in-person or distance. Call or email to schedule or to learn more.