Ultraviolet light is an essential component of healthy biological processes in the human body. There is no question that sunlight, which has both UVA and UVB radiation, provides the most natural and organic source for UV light essential for life forms. The UVB component of sunlight also encourages Vitamin D3 production in the human body, which is a crucial and powerful substance, turning on the powerhouse of the immune system. Many people do not desire an artificial source of UV light to sunlight. However, others, especially those in northern climates or who have a difficult time assimilating Vitamin D3 supplements, desire an alternative form of UV light when sunlight is not readily available; this is who this bed is here to serve! Sporting custom bulbs with electric ballasts (v.s. electromagnetic) in a ratio of the highest UVB to UVA available in this line and incorporating technology to harmonize the frequencies with the human biofield – we have done our best to provide a desirable option for those desiring UV therapy.