Looking to take your health to the next level? ORGANIQUE’s Accelerated Weight Loss Program will transform your health, body and mind. Feel empowered with the tools you need to make lasting changes. Includes professional-grade homeopathic supplements and optional, additional weight loss therapies featuring proven, safe and effective, holistic modalities.

Interested in learning more? Schedule a Weight Loss Consultation or attend one of our upcoming, free Informational Weight Loss Meetings. Meetings can be found on our events page or Facebook page. With several different program options to choose from, our Weight Loss Coach will guide you to the program that will work best for your individual health case, your weight loss goals and your budget!

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Group Weight Loss Snapshots*
43.5 lbs, 42.5 inches lost in 6 wks – J.S.
34.8 lbs, 36.75 inches lost in 6 wks – M.M.
33 lbs, 41.5 inches lost in 6 wks – G.H.
30 lbs, 44.25 inches lost in 6 wks – H.S.
27 lbs, 58 inches lost in 6 wks – T.V.

One-On-One Weight Loss Snapshots*
40.3 lbs, 50.25 inches lost in 6 wks – M.L.
40 lbs, 55.25 inches lost in 6 wks – J.K.
37 lbs, 43 inches lost in 6 wks – A.S
29 lbs, 35.25 inches lost in 6 wks – T.K.
27 lbs, 53.25 inches lost in 6 wks – T.L.

*Some programs included the body sculpting laser as an additional program add-on.