Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wounds in our sub-conscious brain can keep us “stuck”. Pathway Reset is a non-intrusive, multi-faceted healing therapy that releases the deepest emotional traumas being held in the body. There is no reliving painful situations or memories. Our Emotional Coach will guide the sub- conscious brain through a beautiful process of release. Each person will leave feeling the clarity and peace that comes from being grounded and balanced.

This therapy specifically addresses:

• Addiction(s)
• Career
• Eating Disorders
• Fertility
• Grief and Loss
• Mental illness
• Physical and Emotional Abuse
• Physical illness
• Relationships
• Sleep Disorders
• Thinning Hair
• Weight Loss

Utilizing advanced life coaching techniques of neuroscience, mental health, life coaching, and alternative therapies of neuro-linguistic programming, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, Mind-Body Medicine, and cognitive behavioral therapy. Each session integrates healing through an oasis of sound, light, heat, electro-magnetic and scalar frequencies. Connecting to the divine through this harmonious synergy of science and spirituality.

“You do not “heal” from trauma. You simply come to know yourself as Life itself. And you turn towards the wounded place. And you flush it with attention, which is love. And maybe the wound will always be with you. Maybe you will always walk with the hurt. But now, you hold it. It doesn’t hold you. You are the container, not the contained. If doesn’t control you any longer, the wound. Because it is drenched in awareness now. Drenched in you. Loved by you. Even celebrated by you. You do not heal ‘from’ trauma. You find healing ‘in’ the trauma. You find yourself at trauma’s sacred core. The One who is always present. The one who can bear even the most intense feeling states and survive. The indestructible one. The infinite one. The powerful one. YOU.”

~Jeff Foster