ORGANIQUE Clinic’s renowned, nationwide Pet Program has expanded to include the Animal Wellness Program. This individualized program for animals features the following:

  • Clinically Designed Nutrition
  • Environmental Testing
  • Professional-Grade
  • Supplements
  • Energy System Cleansing
  • Frequency Modulation
  • Food Sensitivity
  • Testing
  • Flower Essences
  • Subconscious Brainwork
  • Energy Work
  • And more!

This distance program is designed for pets, farms, show animals and anyone looking for a holistic way to create the best possible life – emotionally and physically – for their animal. This program can help with: itchy skin, longevity, healthy coat, emotions (anxiety, stress, trauma), performance, production, optimizing health of herds and flocks and more. Each program is personalized for your animal(s) and is tailored to their individual needs.

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“I’ve heard from several people that have had success with their horses through ORGANIQUE. I sent in a picture of my horse and provided as few details as possible. The mare’s problems were: extremely nervous, head shy and didn’t like women at all. They nailed it! Long story short, this horse is now extremely calm; I can walk right up to her and put a halter on without any problems. And anybody, including women she doesn’t know, can walk right up to her and pet her. I’m absolutely blown away by the results! I highly recommend this for any pet owner!” – A.P.

“Our puppy went to the emergency vet, and we were told exploratory surgery was needed. In an attempt to avoid surgery, we utilized ORGANIQUE’s Animal Wellness Program. Her individualized protocol included clinical nutrition, coaching, diet changes and supplements. She has gained strength, happiness, energy and no longer needs surgery. So amazing!” – M.Z.

“ORGANIQUE literally saved my oldest dog’s life. She was having difficulties eating, losing weight, lethargic, could hardly walk and having GI issues. The vet was convinced she had cancer. Ashley picked up on the root cause right away and recommended a plan for her. Within a week or two of following the recommendations, my Lab was eating, her GI issues straightened out, and she has that swing in her step again. I am thankful every day that I found ORGANIQUE and that they are able to provide these incredibly easy, flexible and accurate distance appointments for my Labs.” – L.B.