This one-of-a-kind Holistic Mental Wellness session is specifically designed for intrusive thoughts, obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD), major addictions, tics, Tourette’s and similar
behavioral patterns. If you feel like a prisoner of your own mind and don’t know how to get out, our natural, non-invasive Mindset Reset is here to help free you from your thoughts.

Holistic Mental Wellness Practitioner, Jen Mattson and Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner, Ashley Meyer come together in this 90-minute distance session, creating a sacred space, using
prayer and meditation, to find what is blocking you from your highest mindset path. They work together on all emotional and mental blocks – anything holding you back from your highest
healing. They also help facilitate a new belief system and brain patterns to propel you forward on your path toward freedom. A combination of modalities is used, including Emotional Clearing, Psych-K, Timeline Therapy, Fractal Anatomy, the sacred geometry of the body and more.

It is helpful if you are in a quiet, meditative state during the session, but this is not required. If you would like to come to our Tomahawk location to do a Crystal Healing Bed session at the beginning of your appointment, you are more than welcome. After the Mindset Reset is complete, you will be sent an audio report of Ashley and Jen’s findings.

Contact us to schedule or with questions.