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Concerned About Coronavirus? Bulletproof Your Bio-field! | March 16, 2020

By now everyone has ingested — either by television, radio, social medial, or word-of-mouth — the hype about the Coronavirus. The current political and epidemiological landscape is certainly ripe for the harvesting of fear and hysteria — two things that greatly suppress the immune system. So rather than drawing correlations regarding the past pandemic scares (SARS, Ebola, Swine Flu, Zika, Flu, etc.) and the actual outcomes, a better use of our collective energy may be to focus on the reality, although, perhaps not as marketable: a viral bug is pretty easy to ward off if you take wise and age-old precautions!  Read Full Article 

The Healing Benefits of Reiki |
October 12, 2019


My decision to become a Reiki practitioner was a life-changing event in my health journey. Now it is an honor and a gift to be able to bring peace, joy, and wellness to others. Recently I read an article that cited the benefits of Reiki as used at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Mayo introduced this modality to assist in the treatment of cancer patients and cancer survivors. How refreshing to see Western medicine embracing and implementing healing via the energy system, the “on switch” of our biological body ... Read Full Article 

The Energetics of Authenticity 
August 1, 2019

Did I just make the most stupid decision of my life?

This was the thought that troubled my mind while driving the repacked car home from Milwaukee. Just weeks before I had made the trek on the other side of the median, southbound and flying high with aspirations, dreams, and plans. A full vocal scholarship to a private school was freshly tucked under my belt, and the graduation party of “well-wishes and goodbyes” was barely a calendar page back. And yet here I was, driving, sobbing, confused, and broken ... Read Full Article