by Ashley Meyer

Excerpt from Embrace, edited by Brenda Geer-Frazier, Ph.D. and Steve Frazier, MBA

Did I just make the most stupid decision of my life?

This was the thought that troubled my mind while driving the repacked car home from Milwaukee. Just weeks before, I had made the trek on the other side of the median, southbound and flying high with aspirations, dreams, and plans. A full vocal scholarship to a private school was freshly tucked under my belt, and the graduation party of “well-wishes and goodbyes” was barely a calendar page back. And yet here I was, driving, sobbing, confused, and broken.

What was it that made me leave? What impression was so powerful in my soul that it influenced me to pack up my things and quit? What spirit possessed me, and was it holy or evil? What was the awful feeling of failure, disappointment, and depression enveloping my whole being? It was humiliation, for one thing; that was definitely there. The old hurtful words from when I was a little girl, from an unenlightened, equally immature young boy resonated through my being: Ashley will never make it to college. She will be too stupid was now, horrifyingly, seeming to come true. (I had been a young, spirited child who loved the woods, make-believe, music, imagination, and play instead of book work.) But it was something deeper, something greater. It was the tiny, scared, broken voice of courage saying, This isn’t me; this isn’t what I want. Back home, I was fortunate to have helpful connections and was granted access to the courses at the local community college a few weeks after classes had begun. But I feared that nobody would welcome me back.

I didn’t have the guts to cut the big school.

I was a wishy-washy teenager who didn’t know how to make the city my home.

I was the private school dropout who had to run

back to the small, local community college.

I had failed.

These were the stories I told myself.

But something wonderful would happen in the course of the next few years. I had the opportunity to work one-on-one with, and be mentored by, professors who really cared. I was not just another name and face in the crowd. I was recognized as someone who really loved to learn and had a passion for excellence in academics. I worked hard. I excelled, and I had fun. Two years later I had completed university transfer classes, and dynamic opportunities were rolling out in front of me. I was eager and prepared to meet the new challenges. Working hard in school, and harder in internships, came naturally to me, and graduating Summa Cum Laude and #1 in my college major seemed like something I “had” to do. I had to prove I could do it. I had to prove I was enough …

I did just that, and soon I was on to my first professional job in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul. It was a delightful experience in management at a high-end private club. Again I had excellent mentors whose insights I valued deeply, and experiences that honed skills that would profit me for the rest of my life. Those years were defined by pavement-pounding heels and business suits, too much wine, a little more coffee, and occasional sleep. Seventy-hour workweeks and no play were on the menu; people-pleasing and ladder-climbing was the cost. To my credit and detriment, I loved it. It felt wonderful to be on top of my game, moving up. Scholarship money and connections had me on the fast track to my highest goal of becoming a General Manager within the private club industry.

Then one day I was running in the countryside by Stillwater, MN (one of my favorite places!) and talking to God, which was one of the things I had come to cherish most. I passed a cornfield and a beautiful, old barn, and suddenly I felt a tug in my heart that slowed me to a walk. I took in the scene and had a powerful impression come over me. By this picturesque landscape, I closed my eyes …

I really, really love it here, and I really love my job. But something tells me that You have more for me to do in this life. I feel something stirring. Something is shifting. There is more. Something deeper. I want to be healthy. I want to rest. I want to choose family over work. I want to serve you. There is more, God, isn’t there? As much as I absolutely love where I am, if you have something greater that I am meant to do, please show me. Give me the courage to see it and to step out if it comes my way. I am available, and I welcome the change if there is something You need me to do.

That scene will be etched in my memory for life. It was a powerful amalgamation of contentment, awareness, fear, hope, and magic.

A few weeks later I had the conversation that would change my life forever. Two doctors from my hometown — who I respected and esteemed immensely — offered me a job that I knew, when presented, was “the call.” It was switching gears and diving into the field of alternative medicine as a Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner (Applied Kinesiology & Designed Clinical Nutrition). The forecasted first few years sounded risky and modest on paper — an hourly pay rate lower than my high school job, traveling across the country for training, and a learning curve commensurate with the challenge of jumping into a new field. It was a career for which I had no education or work experience. But it was right; it aligned; it was exactly what I had asked for, including the first steps towards minimalism. So that was my answer. Yes!

There I was again, driving a car packed with beautiful memories, let-down people, and broken dreams, heading home.

The next 10 years would be a blur of growth, change, learning, awakening, and harder work than before — and phenomenal training with world-renowned mentors, growing, and learning. The wisdom and knowledge they shared with me have been inextricably part of my blooming as a practitioner.

After the initial years of training and being in practice, I eventually opened my own clinic and then a few more. Somewhere in there, I started to become aware of something powerful and odd. I began to realize that I knew what was wrong with patients before they even spoke. If someone had a deficiency, I knew it before I tested it. If there was an environmental factor, I sensed what it was before testing air and water samples. I realized that I would get impressions of things that I had never been taught in school or read in my training books. I intuitively knew what to look for. It was not until a few years later that people in my professional circle referred to this ability as being a “medical intuitive.” That is really a fancy way of describing the awareness that we ALL can utilize, intelligence that is available to each of us for bringing our body and spirit into alignment with the higher power.

But isn’t that just like God to give me (and all of us) EXACTLY the knowledge and the gifts we need in order to complete the individual mission we have been given? On paper, I am not the most educated, the best-schooled, or the most well-known practitioner. If it wasn’t for my mentors and my exceptional training opportunities, I may not have been able to witness a fraction of the healing that I have been blessed to see. But I have been equipped with exactly what I need for what I do. I have been blessed to share in the creation of new life through infertility cases successfully reversed, and I have been able to assist bedside in close-to-death experiences that included my parents. From seeing local people to working with clients across the country and beyond, I have a deep respect, awe, and passion for the human body and its ability to heal, restore, and come alive — soul, body, and spirit. It is not education, training, or accomplishments that made this the right fit for me. It was the knowingness of where it came from, an epic conversation and connection with God — the inarguable answer. That is how I know this is what I am authentically meant to do. This is what has made me enough.

THE ALCHEMY OF YOU: A Magical Transformation

Be in the service of what it is that you are designed to bring forth. – Gabby Bernstein

The Genesis

What on earth are you here for? Do you ask yourself that question? Do you set aside time to reflect on your life’s journey up to this point? Have you been honest about the times and places when you felt uninspired, drained, or sick? Are you actively aspiring to a fresh and better outcome and ascending on a logical pathway to get there? Or are you buried under a weighty pile of emotional rubbish: a broken relationship, a sick child, a wasted career, a terminal diagnosis, or a shattered heart? As the years pass, are you comfortable with the way you have navigated the rough terrain and persevered? Have you seen your storms and stumbling blocks as opportunities to build your spiritual prowess and recognize a higher purpose? Do you wake up exhilarated to be alive and eager to conquer whatever comes to you? Or are you stuck in survival mode with pain, bitterness, resentment, abandonment, and discouragement — the things that drain your reserves? Is your life “just not what you expected,” a continual in-road for unmet expectations, discontentment, and depression? Or are you somewhere in-between, too busy to reflect?

Busy – the reason recited endlessly by every uninspired, unfulfilled, and undernourished soul. When did busy become vogue? People wear it like a badge of honor, mastering the art, painting themselves into a corner that looks good, sounds impressive, and leaves them feeling harried, breathless, anxious, despondent, exhausted and — cool. But it’s not cool. It’s shallow and unhealthy. It’s self-sabotage. It’s committing a crime against the body and spirit. Believing crazy is inevitable, we pretend we are victims of unavoidable importance; it’s a false sense of adulation. For the more discerning, however, it is really low self-worth and low self-esteem cloaked in righteous obligation.

When we respect ourselves enough to slow down and take inventory,

we find that busy is not the problem. Busy is the symptom.

So what disease is this that we see pervasively inundating our American culture?

Why are so many people disconnected, depressed, uninspired, weak, fearful, disbelieving, and busy?

The disease is lower-consciousness living.

The Disease of Lower Consciousness

To suffocate means to have oxygen reserves cut off or to die. We are spiritually suffocating from the lack of a connection with God and nature — our source of guidance, power, and alignment. Instead we have plugged into a faux matrix of technology, materialism, pride, and false identities. The fantasy is addictive, and regardless of the spiritual malnutrition, we continue to commit spiritual infidelity against our true, authentic self, chasing the mirages of the culture — a sick, dying, busy culture. We live in the fear of not being good enough only because we are intuitively aware of the lack of divine voltage — breath — behind our pursuits. Our batteries are draining and turning red. We panic for lack of an outlet to connect us with our higher consciousness. Our innate instincts recognize that we do not have much time before the system burns out. And, yet, we work. We strive. We compete. We inflame. We bloat. We depress. We medicate. We stay busy.

A Lesson From Nature

What if we denied the invisible things in our world because we could not “see” them? That would be foolish. Air carries the oxygen essential for our lives. Gravity keeps us grounded, and infrared radiation warms our bodies from the core out. I could choose to not believe in gravity because I cannot see it, but it wouldn’t make the fall softer. These forces in nature do not require us to “see” them in order for them to be in effect. They just are. So it is with God. So it is with Natural Law. Regardless of whether or not we realize, acknowledge, or identify with these principles, they are at work and dictate our entire life experience. In the physical realm, this is delightfully illustrated in sacred geometry. From the galaxies in the cosmos down to the atom, all are astoundingly geometrically similar. Do you realize that?

“As above, so below.” Is it not incredible that the microbiome of the human gut mirrors the biological structure and processes of the planet’s ecosystem? Do you know that innate, vibratory energy connects it all? Do you realize that the pull of the moon not only affects the ocean’s tide but also the fluid within your body’s cellular matrix? Can you recognize the energetic symmetry between instincts in animals, photosynthesis in plants, lightning in a thunderstorm, and the fertilization of a human egg? Are you aware of the omnipotent power within the universe and the driving force behind the conception of all life forms and the extent to which everything depends on everything else? Do you understand that without the role that phytoplankton plays in the ocean, humans, perhaps, could not survive on the earth?  Our bodies, our minds, and our spirits are an integral part of this massive ecosystem. The same life-force energy runs through it all, through us, connecting us to every other living thing in the universe. Esoteric? To some. But true, nonetheless. Fascinating, mind-blowing, and humbling, to be more exact. If we desire truth, we need only to look to nature. In nature, all that is, is revealed. How does this apply to you stepping out into your authentic truth?

You, my dear, are Nature.

Authentic, unique, thriving, and captivatingly powerful is who you are.

There is no duplication of your genetic blueprint in the expanse of the universe.

I think that is unfathomable. I think it gives you endless worth.

Your Spiritual Blueprint

Think of your work-life not as separate from your spiritual life but as central to your spiritual life. Whatever your business, it is your ministry. Marianne Williamson

Are you pining to step out into the passion that has been in your heart since childhood? Are you afraid of trying because someone else is better at it, prettier in it, or smarter with it? Let me put your heart at ease; your dreams, passions, and deepest desires were purposely etched in your soul before you were conceived, by God, Who powers the universe. Your life’s purpose is imprinted in the sacred geometry of your soul and the alchemical journey of your spirit. You are “on fire” for a cause, a career, or a topic because you are the only person who can satisfy your mission. No one, no matter how “perfect,” has the spiritual power to do the job that is yours to do. You alone are gifted with the spiritual map with which to do it. You are literally unstoppable. That is why you never have to waste time in fear of failure if you are aligned with your calling. You cannot fail at something that has been assigned to you to do. Also there is no sense in worrying about another’s achievements. What is theirs to do will never be your project. Similarly what is yours to do cannot be accomplished by another. If you choose to opt out of your life’s assignment, the result will be … nothing. Absence. The unfulfilling of your divine birthright. That means that you are not only encouraged to step out, but you are also being GUIDED to claim the destiny that is carved into your spiritual blueprint!

Why is this beautiful? Nature does not compete. A rose does not compare itself to other flowers in the garden, deciding which is more or less beautiful  — the tiger lily, the geranium, or the sunflower. Wishing itself to change into another would be futile. Thinking itself to be lesser than the others would be equally foolish. Competition is an illusion of the reptilian human mind, which is rooted in ego, pride, and futility. It is not the way of nature, and it can only produce diseased fruit — depression, despondency, and destruction.

When you step into your authentic self and do what you are here for,

it will create nontoxic, healing energy for you and those around you.

If you happen to achieve something that someone else falls short of, it is because that trial is a part of their destined journey to make them stronger. But nothing happens by accident. They have a different path, and the “bump in their road” will serve them as your bumps have benefited you. There is no shame in achievement that is accessed through humility. Trials are the boot camp for higher-conscious living, which is our aspiration. So either way, you win!

The Energy of Success

Regardless of what you set out to achieve — whether homemaker, entrepreneur, professional athlete, artist, dancer, doctor, or healer — the energy of success is the same. When we use the term “energy,” some people get uncomfortable. Again, citing Natural Law, whether, or not, you “believe” in it or “see” it, makes no difference. Everything, everyone, is comprised of energy. The more intuitively exercised and empathic ones will pick up the energetics of a person, situation, or place more effectively than someone who is not “grounded” and “present.” But, regardless, the energetics of everything has been demonstrated through historical archives and quantum physics experiments.

Where it becomes exceedingly interesting is how these energetic realities play into our individual emotions and the spiritual implications that result from our mindfulness and accountability over our behaviors. For instance, many of us know that the Biblical Fruits of the Spirit are a recipe for successful relationships and an overall highly moral lifestyle. Did you know, however, that the spiritual attributes of love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, and faith each carry an energetic frequency? For example, the emotion of love has an energetic signature; the emotion of joy has a slightly different one. Did you know that these frequencies can be measured in quantum physics and can affect various levels of healing within human, animal, and plant cells? Conversely, energetic signatures associated with bitterness, resentment, hate, stress, jealousy, and lack of forgiveness also emit frequencies. These are damaging to the cellular matrix of living things. This is a big deal, but many people dismiss it because they have missed seeing how “cause and effect” plays out in their lives.

The Energy of Failure

You CAN block yourself from energetically receiving divine guidance, power, and ability to manifest your purpose! LISTEN UP if you feel stuck and unable to lock into what you desire. I have experience with physical and emotional energetics, working daily in the field of Applied Kinesiology. Testing the effects of energetic frequencies on the human and animal bio-field, the information we receive is remarkable! I have witnessed how the energetic signatures of toxic emotions literally block the chakra system — in other words, they prevent people from connecting with higher consciousness, the spiritual source, and with God. You block yourself from receiving divine and spiritual intercession when you emit low-frequency vibrations! Pride, arrogance, judgment, jealousy, envy, slander, blame, depression, and insecurity are a few examples of emotions that will absolutely halt your ability to receive.

And where do these frequencies originate? In your thoughts. If you dwell on a negative thought about yourself or another, you shut the proverbial gate on your spiritual and vocational journey. In my field, we call this a “black hole,” which is, essentially, an energetic guarantee that you will completely sabotage yourself from receiving and carrying out your higher spiritual calling. Furthermore allowing these low-resonating frequencies to chronically resonate in your body creates the low-voltage, acidic environment for deadly pathogens to thrive. In other words, the frequencies of our thoughts and emotions provide the roadmap for health or the roadmap for disease. There is a REASON that we are cautioned against letting our minds and hearts dwell on negative things!

So one of the first steps you can take to get yourself onto the pathway of your highest self is to be mindful. To me, mindfulness is a state of “watching what I think.” We must nurture our thought life; the mind must be fed nourishing energy just as our physical body must be nourished with healthy, organic foods. A final thought on this: tend your own garden instead of judging that of another.

Judgment is pride. Pride is disease.

It’s Not Your Monkey

What about others who are in competition with YOU, negative and demeaning of you, or trying to sabotage your efforts? Leave it. It’s not your issue. Remember, it’s an energetic thing; light trumps darkness. Call it karma, “What goes around, comes around.” “You reap what you sow.” All sacred texts have a different way of describing it, but it is universally true. When you are in a high-resonating frequency, in alignment with God, in higher consciousness, for the greatest good of humanity, you cannot be taken down. No one can touch you. 

Your Divine “Kick in the Butt”

So how do you tap in, shed the façade, and let the YOU come out? This is good news. Some feel that they need to work hard, spending hours meditating and reciting mantras and repeating affirmations and scripts. The most freeing reality for you to realize is that every dream has been sacredly inscribed into your consciousness, thought life, and intelligence for a purpose. Education, experience, and insights you have gleaned have prepared you to step into what you have been designed to do. The dream is from GOD! The desire is from GOD. The passion is from GOD. That’s why you are wired this way! It is not by accident. It’s not “if.” It’s “when.”

Every step of your journey has honed, chiseled, and paved the way

for your life’s purpose, for your spiritual alchemy.

So what is the secret to manifesting? I am no expert, but I will share what the key has been for me.

1) Get Yourself Out of the Way

Put your deepest desire out there. Acknowledge the plan that makes logical sense to you and ask to be guided in the best direction for your life. Ask for humility and divine intuition to get the download that is best for your next step. 

Why would you want to be open to something other than your intended purpose?  In your ego, you may have created a plan that is close but not completely spot-on, dead-accurate, and spirit-charged. As ardently deep as your desire runs, you inherently know that the plan that God (the One Who created this entire fathomless cosmos) has for your life is the most genius plan for you. Again, citing the other community members of the ecosystem, everything is intricately and expertly designed to perfection for each species. All you need in order to step into your highest truth is to welcome it. Reach out. Contact and embrace it. Then leave it there and watch the hatch. It will happen. Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not the next day (although, for me, it oftentimes happens almost instantly), but trust the conception process. And do not be surprised by the birthing pains; do not fight against them. Welcome and honor them. They make the reward of new life so sweet.

2) Desire the Highest Good

It can take deep internal work, but tapping into the desire for the highest good, regardless of your personal plan, is manifestation dynamite. “Your will, not mine,” spoken from a genuine place, connects you to a program that is already running. You are simply contacting what already is. Your “best” future will be in the proverbial bag.

3) Love Others Well

No intention will ultimately serve you if it is not rooted in love. No matter how badly you want a desire, project, goal, or business that seeks attainment, success, or glory at the expense and exploitation of another will be doomed. It’s Natural Law.

4) Stand for Truth

If you speak from the depth of knowingness, always in truth, always in harmony and alignment with your higher consciousness, you will maintain symmetry and health in your body, mind, and spirit. What others do with it is not your concern. All you can be is yourself, and you owe no one an apology.

5) Learn to Say “No”

The first step in crafting the life you want is to get rid of everything you don’t. -Joshua Becker

In order to transform and create a beautiful new life with meaning and fulfillment, learn to choose between the things that matter and the things that matter more.

Over-scheduling and over-committing are as addicting as a drug and just as injurious as eating sugar! 

We do this in the name of progress, achievement, success, and “dreams.” I personally see the value of less. This has meant letting go of exciting opportunities, disappointing important people, and giving up worthwhile goals in order to make space for people and things that mean more. Learning these two components of success has been a powerful shift for me:

Allow yourself to let people down.

Forgive yourself when you do.

6) Nourish You First

I grew up thinking that this was a bad thing. I thought that serving others meant throwing self-care under the proverbial bus. The problem with the mindset of “self-last” is that it is that self-deprecating tendencies lead to self-loathing, which, in turn, lead to physical and emotional damage. In the physical realm, this mindset is associated with chronic pain and autoimmune diseases. Your brain is emitting the message to your cells that everyone in the universe matters more than you do. Instead of the healthy vibrations of love, care, and healing, you vibrate low-emotional frequencies of abuse, worthlessness, and unworthiness. But YOU are the only one responsible for taking care of YOU. That is your divine calling before anything else. If you cannot commit to self-care, you definitely cannot take care of others. You have no experience from which to draw. The frequency of love must first emit from your brain to your own cells. Your cells then respond in kind and emit the power and frequency of healing. Cause and effect. As you know, “You cannot pour from an empty cup.”

7) Prune the Tree

It may sound harsh, but I am going to share one of my best-kept secrets that I implement in my healthcare practice because it is a most-valuable principle. It can be applied to all facets of life. It came from an aged, experienced doctor. He said that his best insight into career burnout was to identify the “flusher” and let them flush themselves. In other words, identify the type of patient who is always negative, always finding the bad in the good, sporting the “victim” mentality, is unwilling to change unhealthy habits, and who finds a problem for every solution. Those are the patients that drain the life out of you. Spot them early and flush them! I had no idea how powerful and wonderful that concept would become for me. This was a defining turning point in my career.

My personal action step was to “prune the tree” in my practice! I started out setting a powerful intention to have all those who God divinely orchestrated to be under my care to be led to ORGANIQUE, and I prayed that all who were draining my energy because they were not ultimately meant to be with me would be pruned away. I began to identify the “bad apples in the bushel” and recommend they switch to another practitioner or provider. I was equally excited to see certain people drop as I was elated to see new faces come. It was absolutely true! I could see five people who WANTED to heal for the same energy output that I could see one that didn’t. Immediately I had room for those who were on board and ready to fight and win. The strain on my health was lifted when I stopped “fighting” negativity. Now I automatically screen them, agree with them, and glean them. It is for their benefit as well as for my own. When I encounter the “type,” I say “I agree with you. It sounds as if this is not the right fit for you. Let’s divorce before we’re married,” and I refer to another provider who I feel may have a better chance of success with the personality. It is about being true to yourself, respecting your own boundaries, and giving your own health highest priority. It is infinitely empowering to purposefully shift the climate around you to one of positivity. It is not refusing to care. It is caring for YOU as well as for them. And as the laws of cause and effect would have it, I trust they will also be much better off in their new venue. Because if it’s right for me, it is also right for them — sacred geometry. I am not sure how this relates to your work environment, your circle of friends and relationships, and your personal climate, but I highly recommend that you tailor this concept to fit your situation. The things that drain you — consider them as opportunities to draw boundaries, to say “no,” and let go. Flush! It is worth it.

But I won’t make as much money.
I may not be able to afford the new car.
I may lose clients.
I won’t be able to pay the mortgage.

But you will say “YES” to SO much more that is SO much better! Letting go of busy, creating fulfilling peace-filled space to smell the roses, releasing toxic people … it may mean downsizing, letting go of friends or clients, living with less, or cutting back on spending. But you become free to enjoy simple (more rewarding) things. What’s more important: enjoying your life, being present, feeling excited and joyful to enter each day, or managing a bunch of stuff that you do not enjoy anyway? My advice is to jump off the chaos bus, get rid of stuff, and make space for living. I encourage you to consider making a plan that spells replenishment for your body and soul. The outflow will be the highest resonating good for you and for others.

8) Unleash the Warrior

Be diplomatic. Be humble. But embrace the fact that you are ridiculously powerful because you know that your divine spirit is connected to the supreme force in the universe, AND it is a sacred calling. That gives you commanding authority to step out and be YOU! It shows you that any personal describing traits (looks, body type, talent, etc.) define who you are exactly as they were meant to be, right here, right now, for your sole purpose. Do you know what that means? Whatever it is you want to do, be, or become … You are enough!


When you have the courage to step out in an area of your life that you are meant to be in, the “sacred geometry” of your whole story begins to unfold. For me, it took the willingness to go out on a limb, take the risks and the pay cuts, and perseverance to be true to that tiny voice of passion and peace that said I could blaze my own trail and make shifts that were not “secure.” Sleeping on my parent’s couch (after having owned my own home), still single, “successful,” and searching is what my life looked like before the epiphany. I was alone, noticeably so, in my early 30s. After opening my second clinic and driving back and forth between two states, I had another really long, genuine talk with God about the condition of my heart and the direction of my life. I was raw, honest, sad, and emotionally stuck. I trod the same spiritual path that I had taken years before by the cornfield. This time it was trudging through the deep snow in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. The conversation was from the heart; the answer came 24 hours later.

While setting up for another lecture at my clinic — which I had done hundreds of times before — on a cold, snowy night, I debated canceling, but something told me I needed to show up because someone needed to hear what I had to say. Tired, hungry, exhausted, and driven, I pushed through the discomfort and rushed to get ready in time. Fighting with an obstinate projector screen, I spun around to the most captivating, chiseled face of a most attractive guy. WHO is that!? were the words that shot through my head. (Suddenly I was significantly more alert and enthusiastic about the lecture.) As it turned out, he was an intelligent, spiritual man with azure eyes as deep as the ocean and a spirit as glowing as a sunset. He had the responses for my rhetorical questions that attendees, generally, did not have answers for. I was impressed. Turned out he was someone from the mainstream medical field who would shift my judgments and biases to show me that blanket perceptions are often not accurate. My future husband.

Just like that; the yearning and reaching out from the core; the honest desire to pull forward into God’s best story with a willingness to throw it all up and let God catch it and place it back in my reality. Here it was again, only more meaningful this time.

Our first walk in the woods took us to a hilltop vista that would be our future engagement site and now the spot where our “forever” home is built. The wilderness that witnessed his proposal later heard the cries of our first child, born in the woods, naturally and beautifully, with a perfect pre- and post-home birth plan that encompassed innately primal instincts with no influence from mainstream culture. That is a miracle. All of it.

What if I hadn’t said “no” to the private college? What if I hadn’t said “yes” to the career change? What if I had said “cancel” to the lecture on a snowy night? 

It’s that still, small voice. It’s the gut feeling. That is God. You’ll hear it. Just listen.

Then, act.


Ashley Meyer, ACT-Certified Designed Clinical Nutritionist and Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner, is the managing owner of ORGANIQUE, a Wisconsin-based holistic wellness clinic devoted to whole-body physical, emotional, and spiritual health, ORGANIQUE BAR, a line of superfood supplement bars comprised of nutritionally intelligent, pure, whole foods, and the latest venture, ORGANIQUE COFFEE.

In practice, Ashley thrives on challenging cases and enjoys working with those who have lost hope. She is most passionate about cases of infertility, autism, cancer, autoimmune diseases, and thyroid and adrenal issues, as well as natural birth and pre-and post-conception plans. Regardless of the case, her greatest “niche” is uncovering the missing link blocking the body’s ability to heal, including environmental, emotional, and spiritual factors. Ashley’s husband, Steve, brings an astute and powerful holistic medical perspective to her innate intuitive gift — a synergy that beautifully combines the key components that drive a successful health journey.

Ashley’s greatest joy is enjoying unplugged, nourishing “getaway time” with her husband and little boy on their quiet homestead in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. Her mission is to incite others to take control of their own bodies, minds, and spirits so that they can realize their full health potential and the calling that God has placed on their lives.

There is immeasurable satisfaction in helping people write their own success stories. The human body is innately created to powerfully heal itself when it has the correct nutrition, supplementation, emotional resonance, and spiritual grounding.