by Ashley Meyer

By now everyone has ingested — either by television, radio, social medial, or word-of-mouth — the hype about the Coronavirus. The current political and epidemiological landscape is certainly ripe for the harvesting of fear and hysteria — two things that greatly suppress the immune system. So rather than drawing correlations regarding the past pandemic scares (SARS, Ebola, Swine Flu, Zika, Flu, etc.) and the actual outcomes, a better use of our collective energy may be to focus on the reality, although, perhaps not as marketable: a viral bug is pretty easy to ward off if you take wise and age-old precautions! Now, as always, ORGANIQUE believes in taking a strong stance on preventative healthcare. Our role is to be in service to our entire client base for their natural healthcare needs, even more during a time like this. We go a bit against the grain in our caution against being swept up by propaganda and sensationalism while also taking logical and grounded precautionary measures.

First of all, know that your system can only succumb to a virus when your cumulative toxic load is great enough to warrant a viral infestation, which is the body’s response to eradicate toxins. In other words, the virus is actually used to aid in detoxification! That is why a person is more likely to come down with a cold or flu when the immune system is suppressed. What are the most common stressors on the immune system? Heavy metals, chemicals (Lysol and anti-bacterials included!), EMFs/EMR/EMI, sugar, and other inflammatory foods (including grains and pasteurized dairy products), sleep deficiency, and dehydration. Add in deficits in the key nutrients associated with the methylation (detoxification) pathways: zinc, selenium, Vitamin C, Vitamin D. The other major area of immune system suppression is the thought life: toxic emotions, including, fear, worry, insecurity, and so forth, which suppress the immune system instantly and with lasting repercussions. If the body has enough free electrons and free radical scavengers (antioxidants), there is no stopping the immune system!

So the most logical advice I can muster up is: do not sit in front of the Smart TV eating sugar and drinking alcohol, watching the news and getting freaked out! While the media reports will influence who they will, choose a walk in nature, in sunlight, instead! Exercise, mindfulness, and taking self-care steps can go the distance in eradicating both the fear and the threat.

I recommend treating this virus as you would any other cold or flu virus. Here are some tips:

1) Sleep!
2) Hydrate! (pure, filtered, and remineralized water!)
3) Get grounded for free electrons (feet on the bare earth, hug a tree (for real), or get to the beach (I am not sure how :-/)
4) Get sunlight (natural, unadulterated Vitamin D, via the delivery system we are innately programmed to receive it)
5) Exercise (nothing like pure oxygen to eradicate pathogens!)
6) Diet:
1) Low-inflammatory foods; zero sugar, grains, or pasteurized dairy products
2) Incorporate mineral-rich foods and superfoods, such as broth (homemade or Kettle & Fire), cacao, goji berries (exceptionally high in Vitamin C!!), Marine Phytoplankton (highly nourishing and detoxing)
3) Pre-and probiotic foods (effective when paired with the proper minerals and cofactors listed below)
7) Supplements:
1) Vitamin D3 (Make sure there is Vitamin K2 in it for absorption)
2) Liposomal Vitamin C
3) Sambucus
4) Beta-Glucan
5) Ionic Zinc, Selenium, Magnesium and Calcium
6) Chaga, Reishi, and other medicinal mushrooms
7) Diffused Essential oils (Thieves, Black Pepper, Ravensara (Plant Therapy), Immune Strength (Rocky Mountain), and about 30 others. 🙂
8) If you are a current patient on the NRT program, and you do get diagnosed with the Coronavirus, I have powerful nutraceutical supplements with cofactors that I am able to recommend
8) Wash your hands (as always, I hope!? 🙂
9) Detox and Self-Care:
1) High-heat Infrared Sauna (highest recommendation to quickly “nuke and detox the bugs”!!!)
2) Hot Clay and Epsom Salt Bath (with essential oils). Remember that your skin is your largest organ of detoxification. What an inexpensive way to ensure that your entire system is getting a boost of anti-viral nutrients (my favorite delivery for many homeopathic supplements as well as strong preparations of anti-viral teas added directly to the water)
3) Cold and hot shock hydro-therapy for the lymphatic system (simulate this at home with a hot tub soak and then a cold shower)
4) Meditation and prayer are the best protection you have!

Many of the measures listed above are not dissimilar to those I have recommended on a regular basis, as “a healthy body is a healthy body.”

I wish you peace, security, and health. Fear can be a debilitating and draining collective energy. Instead, take advantage of these otherwise potentially disappointing times (cancelled sporting events, delayed travel plans, etc.) and spend time with your loved ones, relax, and enjoy a hiatus from “busy” – one of the best recipes for sustaining health!


*Continual wiping down of all desks, handles, toilets, and common areas with plant-based, non-toxic sanitizing products.
*Replacing flatware and dishes with disposable.
*Requesting that symptomatic patients and clients stay home and communicate with us via phone and email.
*Requesting that everyone do their part to be mindful of their stress levels, nutritional intake, and susceptibility to the fear response.
*Encouraging all current NRT patients needing care to take advantage of our Distance Testing Program as it allows for us to continue serving your health care needs naturally from the comfort and safety of your home.

This is why we have our Distance Testing Program in place — for those who are sick
or unable to conveniently make it into the clinic!

Yours in health,

Ashley Meyer