An easy way to incorporate meditation into your holistic lifestyle.

Many people have difficulty finding time for a meditation practice. However, it does not have to be complicated or time consuming. Here’s what works us:
• Download the meditation app, Insight Timer for free!
• Utilize the search engine to find meditations based on your goals (i.e., stress, intuition, anxiety, abundance, gratitude, etc.).
• Search for a meditation based upon how much time you have available. If you have a really busy day and only have time for a quick meditation, search for a 5-minute or less meditation to make it fit it into your schedule. Meditations do not have to be long to be meaningful.
• Listen to a meditation as you travel, instead of listening to the radio (be careful not to select one that is too distracting or too relaxing if you are the one driving).
• Turn on a meditation right when you wake up in the morning and listen as you get ready for the day. Or, turn on a meditation as you go to bed. Search up sleep meditations if you need additional support falling into a peaceful slumber.
• Select a meditation on your phone, then set it outside your shower or bath to transform this time into a moment of serenity and alignment.
• Have a stressful day of work ahead of you? Listen to a grounding meditation as you commute to work, so you can tackle your tasks with more ease and less cortisol.
• Are you going to an event where you will be surrounded by negative people, or near people who “zap the energy” out of you? Beforehand, listen to a protective or positive affirmations meditation to shield yourself or instill positivity, so you are less inclined to be impacted by them. Afterwards, listen to a cleansing meditation to release all negative energy and return you to a more centered space.

Despite popular belief, you don’t need your own designated, quiet, sacred space to meditate. As I write this, I am in a bustling, LOUD community center, yet my world inside is perfectly still. Make the most with what you have and meditation can be a powerful guide on your holistic journey.