“Trust Your Vibes: Live an Extraordinary Life by Using Your Intuitive Intelligence,” by Sonia Choquette

This book is an excellent resource whether you are new to exploring your intuition or have already tapped into it.

From soniachoquette.net: “Sonia Choquette has worked with thousands of people from all over the world who seek advice and direction, especially regarding their jobs. For many of her clients and students, work woes have become all-consuming, and in these uncertain economic times, they seem to have completely taken over their lives, filling them with anxiety, stress, and dissatisfaction. However, not all of Sonia’s clients fall into this category. Some of them are, in every sense, masters of the game in the arena of work, and are immune to professional woes of any kind. Are these trust-fund babies? Harvard graduates? Lottery winners? Or are they just plain lucky? The answer is none of the above. Their secret is this: They’ve made the simple decision to always, and in all ways, listen to and trust their sixth sense to guide them in their career growth. The good news is that everyone has a sixth sense. Even better news is that it can be readily activated and put to use in your work world immediately. The best news is that this book will teach you exactly how to do just that!”

Here are some of our favorite excerpts from the book:  

“Avoid Psychic Viruses – Just as you keep your distance from someone who has the flu, so too should you keep your psychic distance from someone who doesn’t feel energetically healthy. Even though this is basic common sense, I must remind myself to do this. For example, when I’m around a stressed, miserable person, if I’m not grounded in my own body and clear about my priorities, I can easily absorb their anxiety in about three minutes. It’s like catching a psychic virus.” – Chapter 7, Observe, Don’t Absorb

“Psychic Protection Against Bad Vibes – Breathe in slowly and exhale fully. Next, turn your body slightly to either the right or left of the negative energy being directed at you, and casually cross your arms slightly above your belly button. This is your solar plexus, the place in your body where you most absorb energy from the atmosphere around you. Continue to breathe slowly, inhaling to the count of four, then exhaling to the count of four, slowly. Remain in this position and keep breathing for as long as you need to. This may be challenging when in the eye of someone’s intense emotional storm, so it helps to practice beforehand when things are calm. That way, your body has already done this and will do so automatically again when the need arises.” – Chapter 7, Observe, Don’t Absorb

“Words can be used to sow seeds of destruction or germinate gorgeous flowering experiences. What you say to yourself, and others has power, and if you want to live an extraordinary life, one that is guided by your spirit and goes with the flow, harness that power by using truthful, kind, and generous words spoken peacefully and harmoniously.” – Chapter 8, Choose Your Words Well

“The ego asks life, ‘Why is this happening to me?’ while the spirit asks, ‘Why is this happening, and what can I learn from it?’” – Chapter 13, Change Your Story

“Prayer immediately raises your personal vibration, ushers more light into your body, and opens up your heart center – all of which activate your intuition and connect you with your spirit. In study after study, research has shown that prayer has a healing effect on the physical and emotional body, calming anxieties, soothing nerves, and easing tension. It has even been known to relieve high blood pressure, lift depression, and cure sickness. As it heals, calms, strengthens, balances, and restores order, prayer also attracts solutions that we could never imagine were possible – in other words, miracles.” – Chapter 15, Pray