NRT Orientation Night January 3rd at 5:30 p.m.

Get to the Root Cause of Your Health Problems Naturally With Nutrition Response Testing (NRT)!

So much of today’s healthcare is centered around treating symptoms. However, this misses a critical component in health recovery. To remove the symptoms, you must first identify and remove the root cause. NRT looks at health challenges that mainstream medicine may miss, focusing not only on pathogens and food sensitivities, but also diving deep into environmental toxicities like food sourcing, pesticides, geopathic stress, mold and more to scar tissue, heavy metals, chemicals, structural blocks and more.

Want to learn what may be causing your symptoms? Want to know what you can do about it? Join Ashley to learn more about our transformative, nationally renowned NRT program.


January Weight Loss Group

Our next weight loss group is starting up in January! Interested in joining? Simply schedule a weight loss consultation with Clinical Nutritionist, Sydney Zettler to see if you are a candidate and for her to assist you in choosing the right weight loss program for you!


Ladies’ Night of Self-Love February 10th

Save the date! Join us on Saturday, February 10th for an evening centered around self-love – featuring pampering services and modalities, natural beauty, education, samples and more. Enjoy complimentary wine, appetizers and live music!

Interested in attending? Send us an email at to receive additional information as we finalize the details for this event!  


Wellness Chiropractic Care With Dr. Jerod Bergman

Dr. Bergman has opened up his calendar in January at ORGANIQUE! Come experience his unique, sought-after fascia treatments, which are incorporated into his wellness chiropractic care appointments along with his chiropractic adjustments. Fascia treatment can oftentimes be the missing link in recovering from long-term injuries and chronic pain. This manual therapy stretches and releases tightness and pain throughout your fascia tissues. Contact our front desk to schedule!

Hear what clients are saying:

“…Dr. Bergman worked on my right arm, really focusing on the fascia. My range of motion completely came back!” – D.Z.

“…Dr. Bergman adjusted me like a chiropractor would, giving me a complete adjustment, but along with that, he did fascia work, so he was stretching and pulling out my muscles and my tendons to go along with the adjustment… It’s amazing how my arm feels. Now, I feel like he gave it back to me. I feel like I really didn’t have all of my arm for the last 15 years, and now I have a brand-new arm!” – L.J.

“My issue was that my arms and hands would be numb when I would wake up in the morning. Then, I would always know I needed another chiropractic adjustment. However, I didn’t understand why the adjustments wouldn’t hold for more than a few weeks to a month. So, I thought I would try Dr. Bergman. After three to four appointments, my numbness completely went away AND stayed away.” – J.M.


Acupuncture and Intuitive Acupressure With Peng Roden Her

Licensed Acupuncturist, Peng will be back to visit us in January, February and March. His January calendar is almost full. So, if you have been meaning to get in with him, contact us soon!

Hear what clients are saying:

“I was in a car accident 25 years ago, so I’ve got some pretty significant old injuries. There’s a lot of stuff that Western medicine is great at helping, like a broken arm or diagnosing a bulging disc, but I don’t think Western medicine is great for the after effects of the injury.

Through a referral, I found Peng. At my acupuncture appointment yesterday, he said, ‘Oh, your sinuses and your right side are kind of bugging you.’ I’d been having issues for a few weeks, but I hadn’t verbalized that to him at all – he just knows.

There are other things you can do like massage, chiropractic, yoga, etc., but sometimes, those old injuries are really difficult to release. Working with Peng helped release that old stuff and those old injuries, so for me, it’s been a really great form of pain management.

Also, I think there’s a certain hustle and bustle in life with relationships, kids and jobs, that we get wound up in, and it’s a lot of stress overall. Acupuncture really helps ground me and calm me. I’m less anxious, and I sleep better, with acupuncture.” – L.R.



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