A highly effective therapy!  At ORGANIQUE we believe in energetic and pain-free living! Offering Direct Current (DC) PEMF Therapy is a cutting-edge technology in a class of its own and a crucial way we are able to holistically support the patient.

DC PEMF (the “Mercedes Benz” of PEMF) drastically increases oxygenation and alkalinity of tissues and removes toxins from cells. The pulsating electro-magnetic frequency creates a penetrating current that dynamically interacts with the mitochondria of each cell. There are a wide range of healing benefits to the body as the pulsing passes through the skin and reaches into muscles, bones, tendons, and organs to activate the cell’s energy and encourage natural repair mechanisms. It is like “exercise bootcamp” for the whole body, in a therapeutic, enjoyable, and stress-relieving form!

DC PEMF addresses:

  • arthritis
  • bone healing and density
  • cardiovascular system
  • depression
  • fibromyalgia
  • immune function
  • metabolism functions
  • migraines
  • osteoporosis
  • physical energy
  • rate of injury healing
  • respiratory problems
  • sleeping disorders