When your teenager is feeling under the weather, as a parent, you want to take care of the problem as quickly as possible. The winter of 2016-2017 brought just that. This season brought multiple close contacts with individuals who had been diagnosed with positive cases of Influenza A (commonly known as H1N1) and positive cases of Pertussis (commonly known as whooping cough). With each contact, our children were asked to leave school and to be tested with negative results prior to returning to school. For five months, our family made multiple visits to a ‘standard’ clinic to be told our teenager just had a viral cold that would eventually go away. His cough was so extreme that it was keeping the rest of us awake at night, and surprisingly, the few natural results I knew of were keeping him from developing something more severe. Also, due to the inability to be active and to sing well (one of his primary interests and activities), his self-esteem was taking a good a knock. Alas, I’m a parent, believe in wellness through spiritual health and organic health, but I know that I am, by far, not an expert. Having “had enough,” I reached out to Organique Clinic. Upon Ashley’s evaluation and environmental testing, a couple “root cause” issues in our home were discovered, which were causing the stress to my son’s lungs. A very simple fix led to creating the right environment for his recovery. His body was full of the resulting toxicities, which were compromising his body’s natural response to rid the ridiculous, long-lasting cough. Other physiological, systemic roadblocks were identified in the NRT evaluation, and with the appropriate protocol by Ashley and suggestions by her lovely team, he began on his journey back to health (which he did willingly!). 
Within a day on his new protocol, he felt pretty good. The best part? After the first major step in his detox was complete, his cough almost completely went away within 48 hours. A few days later, after another full detox regimen, he felt incredible. 
As a working parent, I pride myself on offering almost a complete organic diet to our family. I also pride myself on the fact that our family generally stays pretty healthy despite the ‘junk’ that travels around our community … but sometimes, we need helping hands to guide us through. I hope other parents will realize the importance of starting their ‘getting back to healthy’ with the solutions Organique offers prior to wasting time, money, and frustrations on the ‘non-solutions’ like we did. I’m always grateful and blessed with the experiences received by Organique Clinic.