After being diagnosed with crohns disease in 2008 I started on multiple medications, none of which ever relieved any of my symptoms and also ended up causing more issues I decided to try a natural route. I did acupuncture for years and it helped me but I still had symptoms. I completely changed my diet and was feeling better but still having issues. After a bad sinus infection last year and a round of antibiotics, I was in complete misery. My GI doctor was recommending surgery. I knew I wasn’t ready for that and made the decision to start seeing Ashley. I have only been seeing her for three months and my body is responding so well! I am already healing and some of the issues I came in with are already gone! I knew I have more healing to do, but at least I know I will get there a healthy natural way. Please don’t wait, if you have been suffering with any chronic condition and medications are not working call her now. It will be life-changing, you will be healed, not just have your symptoms covered up by medicine.