On October 20, 2016 we found out our 9 year old daughter had Lyme Disease. She was very sick. Her temperature spiked to over 104.5 degrees, she had severe flu like symptoms, headaches, every joint in her body was painful, and she had a persistent cough. She also had some cognitive difficulties. Eventually she had the classic bullseye rash. Looking back, her symptoms started in spring. The problem with Lyme Disease is that it can present itself as so many other conditions. The longer it goes untreated, the harder it can be to treat. We were confident that if we went the “traditional” way of treatment, that it would just be putting a bandaid on the disease. But, we were confident that Ashley could help her. As a family, we have been seeing Ashley for years, so we called and got in immediately. She gave us hope on our very first visit that our daughter wouldn’t have the debilitating lasting affects that some chronic Lyme patients can have. We followed the treatment plan Ashley laid out for us, doing the detoxing and rebuilding steps; With every visit, our daughter was improving significantly. By early December, we received the best news of all – our daughter was permanently healed from Lyme Disease! We are so grateful for Ashley and her wonderful staff. With much love!