Thank you to ORGANIQUE. You helped me regain health, after other medical venues have been unsuccessful! I had always been in good shape and athletic all my life. But in December, 2013, I started getting sick, mostly from food, regardless of if it was healthy or not. I had had a milld chemical sensitivity to candles/cigar smoke for 10 years, but I started to have major issues with perfumes, laundry detergent, paint, smoke, and deodorant. By March, 2014, I was barely eating because food made me sick. I suffered with back pain, nausea, and I lost a lot of weight. So began a 3-year nightmare of going to doctors, having blood work and every procedure imaginable done, 2 times over (ultrasounds, CT scans, manometry tests, endoscopy, colonoscopy). I was put on 4 different acid reflex meds, which made me worse. One doctor prescribed an antidepressant to “reset” my body. (I decided against that recommendation!) All told, I spent 80K through my medical insurance to determine the problem. I had almost lost hope when a doctor in Rhinelander recommended ORGANIQUE. That was a life changer! After 2 visits and of NRT tests, Ashley informed me (via her environmental testing) of a major source of toxic air re-exposure in my home. I was shocked! Ashley also suggested I have a simple blood test at my medical facility to confirm her suspicions of my having a specific genetic mutation (that she is able to treat via Clinical Nutrition). The result of that genetic test was positive, and finally, after 3-1/2 years, I knew the cause of my bad health. I was severely sick from January 2014 – 2016. I started treating with Ashley in November, 2016, and as of June, 2017, I have made drastic improvements in my health, energy level, and overall well-being. I can paddle board, fish, camp, and enjoy life again. Since I have this gene mutation, I have to be careful and manage it as best as I can by watching my exposures to chemicals and certain foods (even “health” foods). I know I have more progress to make to be as healthy as possible, but I truly believe without the help and knowledge that I received at ORGANIQUE, I would not be where I am today. I feel they have saved my life when traditional doctors and medical avenues were able to offer no help!