For two years in a row, Randy was hospitalized with severe pancreatitis. He spent a week in the hospital each time, being very ill. He was placed in the detox ward each time in the hospital because the doctors insisted that he was an alcoholic; nothing we would say changed their mind. Randy actually drinks no alcohol at all since he became a professional “Santa” in 2004. Randy also suffered from kidney stones, and his doctor referred to his kidneys as “being like a gravel pit of stones.” He had two kidney stone surgeries and was needing a third. Randy was then diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. He also suffers from severe psoriasis. We didn’t know which way to turn, but Randy said that he was not going to spend any more time at the doctors’ offices or hospital stays. He felt the doctors were not really interested in healing him. We heard about Ashley and Organique Clinic from a friend of a friend. I looked up Ashley’s website, read through it, and both Randy and I knew this was an answer to our prayers, to get him help. We were even more excited after seeing Ashley for the first time during the initial consultation. She is an amazing care provider. We knew it was a huge commitment with a 3 ½ hr drive from Minnesota, one way, but we both felt it was what Randy needed. We started in March and drove 7 hours total, once a week, at the beginning of the program. After Randy’s first good detox he felt amazing. We finished the program the end of June. By then, Randy was extremely busy with his construction work but feeling great. He has had no pancreatic symptoms at all, and he has needed no kidney stone surgeries thanks to Ashley’s detox protocols. His blood sugars dropped to near normal levels. His psoriasis was even doing much better with strict diet control. We wish we could have continued under Ashley’s great care. However, with her move from Wausau to Hazelhurst, it added another hour each way to an already long drive. We are so excited that Ashley is now offering a Comprehensive Therapeutic Cleanse at a distance. Randy has slipped with his diet over time and we need to get him back on track!! Thank you, Ashley, for sharing your time and talent with each person you meet. We are so grateful to have found you and look forward to this new cleanse you are offering.