I would love to share my experience…thank you, thank you, thank you!

What a difference a year can make! In February of 2015, the typical time of year for colds, flu, and pneumonia; I started with a cold that turned into bronchitis. I was prescribed steroids for the inflammation and inhalers to improve lung capacity. Within one week, I was back at the doctor and was prescribed antibiotics for the infection in my sinuses and lungs.

We are now into March, I started a new job and was continuing to have asthma problems while taking the inhalers on a daily basis….2 puffs 4 times a day of two different inhalers. My body was retaining water and I was exhausted. I slept on the couch with pillows to hold myself upright. I was given another round of cortisone and antibiotics.

I was diffusing peppermint oils and applying steam baths to my head in hopes the combination of the medication and the steam would open my lungs.

One Sunday evening at 10:30, I ended up at the Emergency Room…I could not breathe. I was hooked up to IV’s and given several nebulizer treatments until I was stabilized. My lung capacity was in the danger zone when I arrived and I was given a stern talking to from the doctor for waiting too long – lesson learned!!

I was sent home with instructions for nebulizer treatments 4 to 6 times per day, inhalers and antibiotics – I was not quite at the pneumonia stage but very close. Now we are into late April/early May and the tree pollen is out…not good!

My body was tired and sick…I went to see Ashley and she worked with me to stabilize my condition. We discussed how to move forward while working with the doctors orders and creating a healthy alternative to all the medications I was on. Within 6 months, I was doing so much better!

I was filled with anxiety of contracting another cold and worried about the Spring pollen counts causing me to relapse right back to where I was. Ashley created a plan for me – what to look for as warning signs; proactive measures to test for the needs of my body, and supplements to combat the negative triggers.

I am happy to report that this Spring was great! I did not take inhalers or nebulizer at all! This is unbelievable to me. During the high pollen days, I used Allernest and it protected my body from overreacting and keeping my lungs being blocked. My family continues to say what a difference from last year! For Mother’s Day last year we went out for dinner – I was coughing so bad and doing my inhalers continuously so we were home right after dinner. This year Mother’s day was celebrated with walks at Lake Michigan, a long 3 hour dinner, and shopping – a 2 day celebration and no coughing!!

Thanks for all you do, Ashley!!