You Are What You Breathe! Uncharacteristic depression and crying, nausea and appetite loss, stomach pain and burning, sleeplessness, shortness of breath, dizziness, chest pressure, and overwhelming fatigue were symptoms that kept me homebound for many months. After detailed evaluation, and cross-referencing my home environment with my NRT evaluation, Ashley linked my symptoms to a suspected septic gas leak in our home, albeit without odor; the plumbers we contacted were at a loss to address the issue. But Ashley persisted. We were frustrated because we did not know where to turn for help, and so we lived with the problem, and I kept getting increasingly sick.

Weeks went by, and Ashley “stuck to her guns” as she is trained in environmental medicine, knows the indicators, and stressed the fact that I would never recover unless we found and fixed the air problem. Thankfully another family that goes to ORGANIQUE had recently dealt with a similar issue. They found their leak and helped us find ours! We fixed it. Our house air no longer tested poorly, and I began to recover within days.

I had seen many doctors; no one suspected an environmental cause, even though there was no clinical reason for my illness. Ashley had identified the issue at the git-go and told me I was wasting money on supplements and doctor visits. She was frank, curt, and to the point. I understand why; she knew I wouldn’t get better until we acted and cleaned up the quality of our indoor air.

How she is able to identify the root cause of an intangible, odorless, and lethal problem — one that is unseen, even by other experts — is a mystery to me. But she nailed it. As she says, “Environment … it’s everything!” I agree!